Failed to place building

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Platform: PC
Game mode: Private
Problem: Bug

For some reason any time I try to build anything in my base since today, I just get Failed to place Buildings. It used to be fine for like an hour or so, then it suddenly happened. Restarting the server fixed it but since then I have it again and now it’s just permanent and restarting the server doesn’t fix it. I just can’t build anything anywhere, it’s not just one spot.

Repro steps:

  1. Try to place any wall or fence or doorframe etc

If I place any foundations separate from buildings, they disappear from my inventory as if they’re placed but they don’t get placed.
I can put down braziers, furniture etc, but nothing like walls, stairs, etc

Ok, I just teleported to my friend really away and could build there. After a certain amount of space I can build away from my base, but when I try to build close to my friend, it says the land is claimed. When I do so at my base, it doesn’t say that. Does it think it’s claimed? It doesn’t say so. It certaintly seems to be a vicinity thing.

Actually, spamming foundations in a line north-east of my base for like a few minutes while flying doesn’t seem to work either. So I guess it’s not a vicinity thing. But I can place it in some places, and can’t place it in some places. Since where I’ve been flying and spamming foundations on the ground has nothing built there at all.

So I can make foundations near the south end of my base, but I can’t go more north with them. I get to this one horizontal west-to-east line with the foundations at which point I can’t build any more north. It almost seems like I just can’t build north of this line whatsoever. I flew around the base and couldn’t place anything north, but I could place things south. West and east are both fine, as long as it’s more south. Seems to be an awfully specific bug. Any ideas?

Ok, my base is east of Sharptooth Passage and I can’t build anywhere not even north of Swagger Rock, but I can build near Chaosmouth. I don’t know anymore.

Aha, my friend can’t place any foundations north of my base either, so it’s not got anything to do with me personally. What the hell? Restarting the server doesn’t fix it.

Would still love help! Can’t do anything like this, can’t build still even after restarting the server and stuff. Seems fine south.

Still can’t build anything. Really ruining my game. Didn’t think this game had bugs that would make my game completely unplayable by disabling one of the main mechanics.

If there are places you think you should be able to build, but can`t build, please take a screenshot of it. Also a teleport location would be nice, so we can easier pin point the loacation. Just be aware of that around most camps and some special places there are a no build zone.

Yeah, this entire part of the map. I already had my base here and I suddenly can’t build inside of it anymore. Pretty sure i should be able to build.

Is you base from before Update 33 or was it built after?

Me and my friend got Conan Exiles on the 23rd, so that was like 6 days after update 33 came out. We got our server at like the same day.

Did you create a clan before or after you started building?
Did you adjust LandClaimRadiusMultiplier at any point after you started building?
Is your friend having same issue or are you the only one?

To the clan thing, I wasn’t in a clan when I started building my base (since its just the two of us on the server) but I made myself a clan when I started encountering this problem to see if it would fix it. So being part of a clan isn’t the issue, and as it impacts such a large area with my base only being near the bottom of the image I posted, it shouldn’t be that, since it doesn’t say ‘Land is claimed’ either while it does when I try to build near my friend’s base.

We didn’t adjust LandClaimRadiusMultiplier whatsoever and I don’t think it could be that since I can build fine INSIDE of my base at the southern end, but there’s this horizontal border that I can’t build north of. Here’s the line. The problem started when I just randomly couldn’t build anymore while building that house to the right.

My friend has the same issue as me as I asked him to try and build something north of my base where land wouldn’t be claimed, and he said he couldn’t build anything there either. Luckily for him, his base is south of mine.

EDIT: For the record, the LandClaimRadiusMultiplier on the server is set at 0.5

If you hit SHIFT+ALT+CTRL+L while standing on that line that should give you a popup with the actual coordinates of the location. If you could copy and paste those into the topic, it should help the devs greatly.

TeleportPlayer 7615.583984 101412.804688 -8913.457031

Thanks for the info. Is this an official server or privately hosted?
If official, give me the name of the server.
If its your own server, can you please upload a copy of your game.db and ServerSettings.ini to dropbox/drive folder and send me a PM with link to it? I will check it on my end to see if we can get some sensible information out of it.

It’s a server hosted by g-portal. I’m not sure I can get the game.db and ServerSettings.ini from that?

You can, but it basically involves connecting to the server using FTP. You can use WinSCP as client and get connection info from g-portal’s Server Administration Panel, look under Status → Access Data → FTP. It has all the information you need to connect and fetch database file. There is also a helpful link to wiki with instructions.
Hope it helps.