Failed to place building GLITCH

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Failed To Place Building]
Region: [America]

I Need Help plz help admin or owner or someone plz i tryed everything

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Did it say ‘this land is already claimed’? Try to be as specific as possible about what you were trying to do.

Please read How to be a pro PS4 bug hunter

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That error message is triggered most of the times right after you or your follower are in the spot you want to build on, and keeps showing even if you left that spot and it’s free of anything.
It’s really annoying and common, and the only workaround I’ve found so far is building anything close to it, then build what was showing the error, then destroy what you built just to override the bug.

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Thank u

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Its not in a claim its in my base but thank you anyway

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Happens a lot on PC for me. I’ve found that if you just switch to another building piece and switch back, it works again. You don’t actually have to place the piece. It just has to be where you can select it like you were going to place it.

I’m on 1st gen PS4 (2013)

I keep getting errors when I try to add a foundation piece and it says cannot disruption of spawn area

Is your bedroll nearby?


Can i build by a priest will it work?

I had that happen to a place my bed used to be. I moved from one side of the house to the other because I needed to build stuff where the bed was. It wouldn’t let me build at old bed location because of that spawn point message. As I recall I logged out and back in to fix it.

Like, above, underneath, next to it?
If you want to build next to it or above it, it might be obstructing the bedroll or vice versa. Have you tried walking away and/or turning the camera, adding a small pot or building to stand on (as a workaround)?
Maybe someone else knows a fix.

Edit: or does below comment apply?

Can i get that when i build by a cliff

I think it might be by cliffs or a priest

If anyone is on ps4 do u know how to get ride of it

Switch objects, then place the item. So if your trying place foundation, switch to another building item, and switch back.

No need place object were you dont need it. In most cases, i build else were (were i need it) and that works to.

Thank you

If your playing with others usually my friend is able to place piece where I can’t or vice versa, really think only fix I found aside from just switching items and giving it a few minutes to register nothing is there anymore

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