"Failed to Place Building" suddenly

I was building (a fairly large base) and suddenly It started to tell me “Failed to Place Building”. This is on a private server, with mods. I have tried removing mods, turning off ownership, placing in different ways, all to no avail. I’m able to place things in other areas. I just don’t understand why I was able to place wall after wall, then no placement at all out of the blue. Items such as shelves, beds, decorations are able to be placed just fine. But no, roof/wall/doorway/foundations. Is there any fix for this, is this a known issue, or is there a known cause?

Hi there,

Can you post a couple of screenshots of the issue so that we can get an idea of the type structures you are trying to build.

I was just about to, but apparently I can’t upload pictures or post links because I am new. Any other way I could give you those screenshots?

If I remember correctly, the hold on posting screenshots should only be temporary. You should be able to post them soon.

Ok, got it now.

In images 4-7 I made wall-squares all over the roof to show where the failed to build starts. Anywhere on the opposite side of where I placed those walls fails, even up the cliffs or on the ground. I was in the process of building on that side when this started. Also, I have “flying” on in some of those, but also tried without. I have tried restarting my server a few times and it doesn’t work either. I don’t know if a “game.db” file would help, but if it would, let me know how to get it to you.

Can also upload the pics here instead of imgur if required.

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