Can't place building piece

This happens from time to time, and it’s been going on for years. I’m sure there are other threads on this topic, but it really makes no sense at all. If you notice in the pics, I was able to place the reverse side, and both sides on the outside of the building. But for no reason, it refuses to place this final piece. It says sometimes that it would block my spawn point, but there is obviously no bed or bedroll anywhere near this spot, even vertically. And sometimes it says no stability, but there is a minimum of 60 stability on the connected pieces.

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Yup, purge and follower AI is probably the biggest problem with the game. This crazy intermittent stability erroring is number two for sure. Very frustrating. Sometimes things work fine and other times, nope! And for the same exact block location on the same exact structure - no other changes.

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