No build zone to allow Named Thralls to spawn

Could we have a No Build zone above Sinners Refuge?
Some bean placed a bunch of Sandstone Foundations on top that prevents the named Asura thralls and dancers from spawning inside the cave. South in the G5 square. It had decayed, so I could quickly remove it, but if I didn’t know this was an issue it would have stopped spawns for another 20 hours.

And if it was newly built it would stop spawn for 2 weeks if no one destroys the base.
I don’t know if other places has this issue, but this is the one that grinds my gears at least


The only objection here is the sentence “some bean”!
Most of the times it’s a new player that cannot understand what he-she have done!
Then again some likes to troll and that’s a fact too!
But you are correct my fellow exile @Bone-Brother, Sinners Refuge is the most vital cave this map has. It brings gaming joy from the newest player to the eldest veteran! All modes from pve to pvp need this cave!
So yes you totally have my vote for this one!
I personally want a big area of the starting river to become a no building area! Yet that is another story :rofl:.
You got my vote m8 :+1:t6:.


It’s addressed in the patchnote for the upcoming Session 2.
You just need to endure another 20 days for this known and internally fixed issue to hit official.


I glad to hear that we have run into Sinners Refuge being blocked :no_entry_sign: to many times from people who didn’t know and better not trolls most were agreeable to move on.

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Totally agree with the no build zone concept. On my server, someone built right up to the edge of where the guaranteed Berserker spawns, then put two berserker followers outside that base, so they kept killing it as soon as it spawned.
I think some people are just clueless.


But it’s not a nobuild zone. Sinners will still look like downtown anywhere. Quit often just short cutting through I have to zig zag between builds.
All they have done is made the NPCs spawn regardless. Yes it fixes the issue, but does it really?

That’s interesting. I’m not completely opposed to the idea of building on top of the cave if it doesn’t disturb spawn, but does that mean that if someone builds around a spawn, they can block it off from the world and monopolize it? Not sure where they could do that though.
I still would like a no build zone just outside Sinners Refuge though. Jumping over someone’s wall and doing parkour just to get a thrall isn’t fun.

Building around and totally blocking Sinners is a 100% ban. If anyone does that, you should let them know.

The Nemidian spider cave used to have the same problem when players built over the top but I think it was later fixed without creating a no build zone. However saying that I recently went in there with someone built over the top and the spider was there but invisible (might just be one of the current invisible glitches at the moment)

Hopefully they enable the spawn without a no build zone though.

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The problem starts when someone builds on the top of the cave, above, not around! And this is what the op seeks!
Building above the cave destroy the spawns of brimstone among the npcs. The area of the cave is big, so the building area above is big too. Too many people build there to be close to the Summoning place. They think that the only thing that they destroy is the hyenas spawn and some rock noses, the truth is that they destroy a lot from the spawns of Sinners Refuge too! If you build in this area you have the most devastating purge of the noob area, the rocknoses purge :wink:. At the end the rockslide comes and destroys everything, Frida, Deride, cannibal brute and pets cannot hold this beast, he sweeps everything in his way like an avatar! So far this is the punishment for building there!
But you can have rocnose purge almost everywhere there, so it’s best to become a no building area to protect the spawns of Sinners Refuge!
If you remember, In one of your topics, I was asking some areas of the starting river to become no building zones, this is one of it! Still bedrolls and campfires must go out of the “building menu” completely, they must not declare territory for the user. My very first shelter was some rocks above Sinners Refuge that provided shelter from sandstorm! So players must have the right to place bedrolls and campfires in no building zone areas! Except dungeons ofcurce.


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