Sinner’s Refuge

Game mode: [Online | PvP]
Problem: | Exploit |
Region: [Sinner’s Refuge]

I’m on Xbox One Official PvP Server #2575 I’m new to PVP so wanted to give it a try well I’m still fairly low lvl and wanted to recruit some exile thralls to help defend my base well most players know that if someone build up top of Sinner’s Refuge Cave the Priestess and the majority of the npc’s won’t spawn and that’s what happen here a clan has built upon the cave so npc’s won’t spawn … this exploit griefs the new players trying to enjoy the game pls Funcom make it so players cannot build upon Sinner’s Refuge

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Check Xbox One PvP server 2575
  2. Go to Sinner’s Refuge and enter
  3. Go to back of cave
  4. No Npc’s or Priestess

Its a PVP server, go blow them up and play the PVP part of the game

Hmmm … like I said I’m low level they could blow me up

find others to help you. get a thrall from another location. PVP is about dominating, don’t trust any elevator you see, don’t trust any building you can easily get into… You need to expect obelisk to be wall around and traps to be in place.

And it is not an exploit that they built on a spawn point for thralls. They only hurt themselves doing that to.

Yes you are correct they surrounded the obelisk near the summoning place but that’s not a problem I just place a bedroll and chest jump over wall and hit obelisk then remove my bracelet and respawn I play PvE so I know what I’m doing just never played PVP wanted to try it, the problem I’m a completionist and Sinners Refuge spawns an Archpriest and 6 or 7 named thralls that I cannot get not because Funcom says so because these players are saying so I paid money to enjoy 100% of the game and because of these players building there they are saying no you can only enjoy 90-95% of the game

100% of the game would be fighting them and blowing up what you need to get what you want.

If you think this is an exploit, please use Found an Exploit? We'll pay you for it! instead.

Please try talking to the clan, otherwise try reporting it to Harassment and Griefing Issues.

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blocking resources is usually against the server rules and is usually dealt with by the community that populate that server. Tell the alpha clans and they may help. Or report it. Blocking spawns and resources is dirty and makes you a target.

Official has no rules other then blocking off noob area to access map. Res and obelisks are tactical targets

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