No more npc nor brimstone in Sinners Refuge

Game mode: PVE official server 1011
Type of issue: Someone build high above Sinners refuge cave (main location for exiled npc)
Server type: PVE
Region: server is 1011, European (German) server.

It is possible to build on top of the mountain in which is the main area where exiles live. Someone build an insane base above Sinners refuge and doing so it seems to block spawn of resources (brimstone) and npc, only outside guards and the end npc (most case priest) are respawning. Quite sad.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

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Hey @Pazsu

Adding to what @Zeb shared, our team is considering adding some changes that should mitigate the worst cases of vertical landclaim.
Thanks for your feedback.


It would be great if you could do this, it’s the same at Executioner’s Entrance and Deathwhisper Ruins too. I had to remove an animal pen I had on the south side of the river in I6 because its foundations were interfering with the resources spawns (brimstone, iron) in the cave. I’d imagine it’s the same for all the other dungeons that lack teleport transitions as well.

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I hope it works for more than just npc and spawn points. Vertical land claim makes it way to easy on PVP to lollipop and turtle and hoard unbalancing amounts of explosives and rebuild materials. Making those with “out of reach” vertical builds have to at least land claim and fight being walled off below those lollipops would add an interesting dynamic to the stale raid mechanic.

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This would be great.

Along with despawn resources, I wonder if its really necessary to make landclaim and despwan the same, but this is another topic, offcourse

Same problem on our server. Seems even the spider boss is blocked at skittering cavern. Most aggravating though, is you go up to those bases and it’s No Owner; it’s not a bug however. These are owned by actual irl ghosts with no email address or mobile phone.
One of the blocks (cavern) might be unintentional because it is a decent area to build a base I guess, but the sinner’s block I have my doubts. It just a 2x2 house, T3, crenellated to the brim and littered with palisades. Owned by said ghosts I might add.

I told the clan, they just don’t want to believe it. I’ve seen it happen before when someone build above the giant crocodile in the cave at the river. No more croc until the building was removed.


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