Need info on server settings

Land Claim Radius Multiplier does this server setting still exist the wiki or info I found could be out of date as it was saying version 1.0 but I want to actually know the exact initial radius claim to know a bit about the Multiplier system used for owning a private server, a lot of the settings do not give a initial value for you to adequately adjust the Multiplier for what I want to achieve.

It does, but it’s not in the in-game menu for some reason. If on PC, navigate to your server or single player install folder and locate the ServerSettings.ini

Single Player would be found here ->

\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

Open ServerSettings.ini and adjust the line, LandClaimRadiusMultiplier=1.0, to a different number.

Back in the day when the option was still in the in-game menu, the lowest you could put it via a slider was 0.25. If you want harvestable resources and monsters to spawn near your base without spawning IN your base, I find .15 to be pretty good.


Is there a way to access ServerSettings.ini (or the equivalent) on a PS4 ?

Not that I know of :frowning:

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That stinks because I haven’t made a PC yet as I have been saving for the parts and the PS4 is what I was hoping to adjust for to keep materials and enemies available to the server I was hoping to set up as it seemed a great way to keep land claims down.

Thank you for the reply I guess I’ll just have to maintain the landscape my self and keep people in check from just overly taking everything so people don’t get forced out and seek another server due to one group over claiming as it seems to be a huge issue in PvP if they build fast and claim a lot of the decent spots making fighting back way harder.

I was solo PvP I got forced out once then tried to reestablish but they had claimed all of the decent spots to actually fight back. It didn’t help the server admin kept changing settings with no notice and his clan benefited.

But thank you this question was hard to get a answer too.

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