As a console landscape architect, I want to adjust the Land Claim Radius Multiplier in-game, so that things look beautiful again

  • Land Claim Radius Multiplier available as in-game setting for offline/local games
  • (Optional) Consolidate all server and local in-game settings

you already can do it in server setting.

By default it 1, around 10 fondation block.

I didn’t see it after last patch.
I am on console and playing locally.

don’t know for consol, playing on PC, option was here yesterday.

Are you set as Admin?

Just to be clear, this is a local game, not a rented server, on console (Xbox).
I always go into server settings as admin when I start playing since settings are inconsistently saved.
I can change several settings, which I do, but at least prior to last patch, have not found a setting for the Land Claim Radius Modifier.

Was asking since I’ve recently experienced that when I log into my pc local (solo) server, im not set as admin. Havnt played on the xbox too much yet, so not sure how server settings work there :slight_smile: (probably should have written that the first time)

It’s not there on Xbox.
May ask under what section the setting is under on PC @tzeraph?