G portal server

For the G portal server, what setting do i change to allow respawning of resources closer to the base.

That should be the LandClaimRadiusMultiplier that defines how far out your structures claim the land and thus stop resources and NPCs from spawning.

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I cut my land claim radius in half on my server. Probably my favorite change. I have trees and rocks instead of everything being clear cut around me.

I don’t use Gportal though so not sure how their file editing is set up.

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LandClaimRadiusMultiplier=0.375 (or what ever fits for you)

You can directly modify the file within the web console or download, modify and upload it using an ftp client.

I set my land claim radius to 0.1 and that works well thanks

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Yeah, I cut way back too. Hated all the local resources vanishing from land claim.

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