Add resource re-spawn radius

I’ve recently learned the re-spawn of various environmental things (plants, tree, rocks) is controlled by land claim radius.

Please add a separate setting for re-spawn radius for these items


Would be cool.
The current solution is tweaking one particular .ini file, if you are single player. I myself set it to … like 1 meters from my buildings. :smile:

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It would be a heaven for griefers. Now if you build near some valuable resource node and claim this land you loose this node. If one could claim land and keep this node for himself preventing others from using it, it would be too bad for game balance.

if pvp admins feel it could be a factor, they’d just set the re-spawn radius to equal the land-claim radius.

or leave it unset thereby defaulting to the land-claim value

I would love to have an additional Admin setting or slider to adjust and govern this. It is a downer when we are trying to plan our base to work with the aesthetics of the beautiful scenery, then we discover to our horror that our modest sized new extension has just made our entire treeline disappear. :cry:

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