[PS4] Ressource respawn radius

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: | Misc
Region: Europe

Dear all

When I created my solo game, I selected a quite small ressource radius respawn, in order to keep nature close to my buildings

I have played quite a long time, then I had an issue, which I believed the only way to be fixed was to reset the admin parameters to default (not the “server” settings, I least I believed so)

I was suprised to see, right after that, that the radius was also set back to default, and therefore all my buildings surrounding were now quite empty

So my question is : Is there any way to modify the radius respawn (other than roll back to the former save, which is no longer an option )

I must say that losing the control of my game like this was rather unpleasant

Does anyone has any clue about that ?

Thanks a lot in advance guys

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Create a new game
2.set the respawn radius at a low rate
3.start the game, set yourself as admin, reset to default settings

Hey @Garrokk

It’s not possible to edit land claim radius once the game is started as it would cause severe issues.
Apologies for the frustration.

Ok but as my game was created with a certain radius, therefore supposed be “default setting”, why a “reset to defaul” set up a different radius ?

Talking about severe issues, the stability of the game is decreasing with the buildings you add. I already lost a saved game after a crash once, and with my new one, I keep on building, and I got more and more freezes followed by crash. Am I supposed to expect another fatal crash ?

I appreciate your apologies but the frustrationS are becoming more and more unbearable, and I can’t see why a change in the radius, as long as it is limited to the primary setting and not a below level, would cause severe issues

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