Why aren't trees respawning

Why won’t trees respawn near my base?
Is there a server option to fix this?

Because the land claim prevents the resources from respawning. Since you seem to be playing singleplayer, you can reduce the landclaim radius in your settings.

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i’m on azgardia (pve, aoc, eewa), actually

landclaim radius effects plant respawn? hmmm

landclaim and respawn range should be different settings.
(they use landclaim to spread out the bases)

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posted request for a separation for this setting to hopefully allow things to grow back around the base

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An alternative could be, since you’re on a server with mods, to use a mod that has placeable trees. I think it’s Emberlight that has them, for the server I am on.

On a console server requires a reset of the server (wipe) because of all the current building and placables probably same for pc.

Would be great if it could be changed mid game I like to change on my server.


Ask the server owner (if possible) to set the Landclaim Radius to 0.2 or 0.25. It will make it about perfect for getting rid of unwanted environment IN the building and keep the wanted environment.


Can be changed at any time. Once changed and the server reloaded the environment will automatically adjust itself.

In fact as Admin and move really fast you can see how the game design is doing this. The game design actually draws all the harvestable things after the landscape then once the building stuff is realized it ‘Hides’ the harvestable stuff.

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@Rohi I have been told you can not do that on Gportal Ps4 after setup. If I wipe the server That is on the to do list.

@sestus2009 (and others)

To clarify.

While the server is running you log in as Admin and change the Land Claim Radius Multiplier. Wait a couple of minutes for the database to save then restart the server. Log back in and it is working.

As to the GPortal (I use PingPerfect) there is also a setting there…it SHOULD update automatically when you change the Settings while logged in as Admin because they are accessing the same Configuration INI file. IF for some reason the GPortal Configuration Page does not auto update then that means it is some sort of Hot Copy to the REAL Config file while the server is not running.

I use PingPerfect and when I change settings in game as Admin they do automatically update. There is no difference in PC/PS4/Xbox in regards to this.

You can set this as much as you want and restart the server until you get what you want. 0.2 or 0.25 is a really good setting.


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