Isle of siptah, trees and plants re-spawn through 2-3 deep lay of fundations

Playing online, private server, region europe, isle of siptah

Trees and other plants re-spawn through 2-3 deep lay of fundations. It was not like that yesterday, it started today. Its really annoying to have trees in the middle of a building…

To reproduce the bug, cut the trees and vegetation in an area, build fundations there, wait and see how trees and vegetation re-spawn again and again and again, even if you demolish the fundations, cut the tree, and build the fundations again.

Can you please check your LandClaimRadius in ServerSettings.ini? Set it to 0.5 or higher. The base value has been reduced and if you reduce it even more, you may experience the issue described. I increased mine to 0.75 even because 0.5 was still too close to my liking.

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Oh! we can check it, and see if it helps, thanks you Narelle :slight_smile:

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It worked Narelle! Thank you very much :slight_smile:


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