Lower the range buildings despawn terrain objects

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I’ve been playing around with building in solo play. I keep running into the issue that building too close to say a tree or a bush causes them to despawn. Not always instantly, but generally on relogging. Recently I tried to have a walled garden, Roman villa style, but everything in the court despawned. I’m hoping the devs can find a way to allow the terrain to be kept, or maybe add decorative items, trees and bushes, that can be placed by players but don’t spawn resources? The decorative planters are nice, but they are planters, not free standing.
It’s not a high priority I’m sure for a survival game, so I can imagine it not being worked on.

You can lower the claim radius in the settings, it will allow for the resources to respawn. You could use mods such as Emberlight for trees and better planters. There are other mods with decorative trees as well (pc users only).

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I love to see this on official servers.

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Is this on Siptah or Exiled Lands? I ask because there does seem to be a difference in how buildings despawn resources

I would love some plant style placeables! I know that not what’s being asked for but it would help with issues like building indoor or enclosed gardens

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Placeable ash trees would be awesome. As for trees despawning, set your claim radius to .25 and don’t build an enormous base. Singleplayer relies on your console / pc, the bigger the build, the more non essential resources in the surrounding area will be affected.

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As far as the developer side of things is concerned, I doubt there’s much that can be done when it comes to just keeping the plants around. At least not in a way that doesn’t involve reducing the claim radius to a ridiculously low range, which would potentially cause a number of other issues. Decorative plants and trees would be a much better and more workable solution I think.

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As much as I’d love to have more placeables, we need to remember that they all increase server load. Especially placeables with animation - those decorative trees and shrubberies would need to be affected by wind etc.

Reducing claim radius in Server Settings is a rather heavy-handed solution, as it doesn’t care whether it’s a rock, a tree or a hostile human NPC that spawns in the middle of your bathhouse. (And no matter how big or small the claim radius, it still does nothing to those annoying blades of tall grass poking through my floor, as those are part of ground texture rather than spawnable objects.)

When optimized it shouldn’t hit the server that hard (it probably would have the same load as any other placeable), most likely a end users PC performance hit maybe.

Tree and bush animations isn’t a server sided thing as far as I know, it doesn’t need to be synced with other players. Maybe weather but this doesn’t have to be synced (I highly doubt if trees and bushes are synced with other players at all, this would be totally unnecessary).

The locations of placeables/buildings, weather, AI control, players movement, these are server things to name a few :slight_smile: