Stones and trees grow back in buildings

Game mode:Singleplayer
Problem: Crash Bug and Performance
Region: EU

Hi i bought Conan Exiles to playstation 4 and started playing and after a couple of Days, when i startet playing all the landscape around my fort i built has grown up like all the stone and trees and some of my equipment was lost and what not. and after playing maby for an hour the game starts sometimes standstill or twich allot I don´t know if it is the game thats is bugged or what ?? can you help me. is ther anything i can do to fix all of this buggs ?? thanx for all the help you can give me love the game and want to keep on playing but don´t see any ide if the game only buggs out all the time

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hey there! I’m sorry for the trouble regarding trees and stone getting inside your buildings. This is a known issue that we will fix in the future, though since it’s a visual issue it’s lower on the priority list than other bugs which effect gameplay. If you are experiencing lagging, this is something we are also investigating. Thanks for your patience meanwhile!

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