Hitting rocks only once and it dissappears

Im hitting rocks with a star metal pickaxe. i hit it once and it disappears. i’ve tried several types of picks its all the same. please advise.

I think thats indicative of a server issue. Is this modded or singleplayer?

I’m pretty sure you’re right. I’m on PlayStation and I have the same issue with a few locations on Siptah. The plants around my main base have done this same thing since I first arrived on the server back when the expansion was released. No updates, no restarts, nothing will fix it. However, most other areas on the map don’t have this issue. FYI, I’m also playing on official, so nothing has been changed on the server to affect this, and it occurred before I even started building, so loading of detailed builds or tons of thralls has no affect on it. It’s just always that way, and only affects the plants.

Its too bad PS doesnt have the ability to grab teleport coords, because that’s something that happens now and again and it can be fixed. The best you could do is give them the closest landmark so they can investigate it. Sometimes its the opposite effect where foliage will be doubled and it causes extra lag in the affected area.

Yeah… I haven’t really worried about it too much. There’s enough in the area that I can just use a sickle and get what I need. However, it was a bit difficult when I wasn’t able to craft a sickle yet. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

It’s a symptom though. There is likely something larger wrong in the area that is affecting performance and the thing you see is the foliage acting up. If the cause of the misbehaving foliage were fixed, performance in general in the affected area would go up (likely in the form of noticeably less lag for the client and/or server).

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Yeah, that’s a possibility. It’s a busy area typically now days, so it could help

its an official server. and, when i approach the rock, it has a rubberband effect, and a climbing mode. i dont get it. after i come down from the once invisible rock, its like i fall, taking damage.

I would nab the teleport coords for the area so FC can take a look.

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