Rocks and Trees spawning inside buildings. Unable to remove

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU
Mods?: Yes
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

When logging in after being away (full player inactivity) from the game, either five minutes or hours, rocks and trees respawn through player bases. Through and in foundations, walls and everything.
These respawned resources act as if effectively there, climbable, and impassable. But indestructible and unable to be harvested. No amount of time in game makes them disappear. Only a server restart or “repair” on g-portal makes them disappear for the first log in into the game after server restart or repair.
I’m frankly out of ideas and completely fed up with this issue. Can you please help me?

Installed Mods:

-Savage Wilds
-Weaty’s Armor Pack
-Immersive Armor
-Accessory Wardrobe
-Pythagoras Support Beams
-Glass Constructions and More
-Better thralls
-Kerozards Paragon Leveling
-Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal
-Less Building Placement Restrictions
-Barbarian barber
-Hosav’s Custom UI mod
-Barbarian Surgeon
-Improved Quality of Life
-Ancient Civilization

Steps to Reproduce:

No need to reproduce, it reproduces itself, always, as described before. Simply logging into the game will do it. As long as it isn’t the first loging into the game since a server restart.

Update, in a desperate last effort attempt to fix it. We agreed to wipe the server, clean up and restart from zero. This was a sacrifice not worth the effort, it didn’t fix the issue. RIP to all the work and effort.

I have a Savage Wilds server and this problem is on my server too. Only way to fix it is to log off then on. Doesn’t happen all the time just once in awhile.

As the people of the savage wilds mod/map declare:
"It does happen now and then on the Savage Wilds map, more often than on Exiled Lands and Siptah - it IS a base game bug; if you leave the area and come back, it’s most likely fixed. The issue is caused by a client-server desynch. In short - the better perfomance, the less risk of this happening.

So why does it happen more often on Savage Wilds? Well - the reason is because it’s a mod and despite only clocking in at 1.2gb, it does need to load that (and load it dynamically instead of being pre-baked). Nor do we have access to some of the Funcom internal optimization routes like instancing. We’ve done our best to keep performance up as much as we can though."

Also problematic, for me nothing fixes it short of logging in straight after a server restart. Which is kind of next level ■■■■■■ and makes life very difficult. Siptah is not possible atm since not everyone owns it, and we’re all pretty sick of the exiled lands by now.

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Not unthinkable, but apparently not something any of us thought about at the time. Which I will remember for a next time.

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