Please for the love of god

…despawn grass for placed building pieces.

I get that people have been pushing for this, but I’ve played Conan for over 3 years now. I played it when it first came out, it was…eh. I burned out on it but came back when I learned about the thriving RP community.

I came back and saw all these flashy updates with building pieces, armor, map expansions, the works! Everything…except for the one thing we’ve all been requesting since you incorporated vegetation into this game. Despawn grass when it’s built on. It’s obvious the community wants it. There’s numerous threads about this (+1). PLEASE. Turn some focus away from making attention-grabbing brand-new content and fix something that should have been fixed in '17. Please. :smiley:


I have a friend that I convinced to buy the game and he refunded after 0.3 hours cause of this, I never tought it was so bad until he showed me his little hut rofl

And there is a reason it isn’t done. There are about a million threads explaining why.

Grass is rendered differently to help with performance. To make it active like that would turn even the most powerful PCs into a potato.


And yet…so many other sandbox MMOs that run just fine on people’s PCs using the same graphics engine do it.

Show me all of these “so many MMO sandbox games” that are using UE4 4.15 that do so.


I can’t think of none and I want no building limits or thralls limits and placeables limits as well to help keep up performance demand

I do wonder how many games run ur4 though :thinking:

Your suggestion, like @Multigun said has no great reason. The game already gives you the opportunity to raise a bit the foundations and cover the grass. If however this is impossible because of the slope of the terrain you decided to build, place another round of foundations and problem solved. I did find it annoying in the beginning too, so I don’t blame you, but finally I learned how to build and I forget it :wink:.


It isn’t a matter of ‘learning to build’. Have you seen Siptah? 1/3rd of the landmass is subject to the storms. The rest has very few -flat- building areas. Even many of the plateaus have hard slopes that eat piece count for servers that have limits. I’d have figured in 4 years, things would have come further as far as basic QOL improvements. I guessed wrong.

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