Grass poking through foundation


I realize there are a lot more important issues withe the game. I’m just mentioning this as something minor in game that I’d like to see changed some day. When you lay a foundation flat on the ground grass should be flattened not break through the foundation. Small annoyance. :slight_smile:


Agree but you can raise the foundation so this doesn’t happen.

So there is a viable workaround.

Yes, I know, but sometimes I want to build in a grassy area on a flat foundation.

Suggestion 2: Multiple action bars or a rotating action bar. I’d like to be able to rotate my action bar between building supplies, harvesting supplies, fighting supplies etc. so I don’t have to add and remove stuff from the bar all the time.


I’d like it if foundations “neutralized” the grass graphic under it, too. It can return when a foundation is removed, but it does interfere with immersion when grass is poking through the stone foundations.


I agree, i have rebuilt things and raised foundations because of this issue, very annoying. When you raise the foundations you end up having to use stairs to enter your building just because you were trying to make grass not grow inside your building.

I also like the multiple action bar idea.

This is a fantastic idea. I can’t believe I never thought of it before.

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Not sure if the version of UE they’re using supports it, but in theory they could enable distance fields and add a check to their foliage materials to fade grass that’s clipping into other objects.

The downside is the extra shader instructions on places with lots of overdraw could be painful (though maybe not much more painful than the overdraw from clipping). Well, that, and, it would probably take a day or two for the editor to generate all the distance fields.

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