Grass and vegetation through foundations

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I know I’m reviving an old topic but every threads about it are closed now and I wanted to know your opinion.

Currently in the game vegetation passes through foundations, which it result in a really ugly look inside the building. I know there is some workarounds like raising foundations higher than vegetation, but I’m tired of making houses amazingly high and putting stairs everywhere just to avoid this issue.

So I suggest to remove vegetation and grass on the ground where we build.


i like making dirt floors but yea its gross when it clips like that. unfortunately i doubt anything else could really be done tho.

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The grass is very annoying. Trees and rocks are removed near buildings, why not grass.

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It is kind of funny that the trees and bushes I dont want to disappear always seem to do so, yet the grass I do want to disappear always stubbornly remains behind.


Drives me nuts every time that happens. Especially when I want the building to look like something grand and impressive, like it’s the capital building of a mighty and well established empire or something.

It’s not very grand and impressive when there’s grass and weeds growing out of your throne room floor! :angry:

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Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that’s a UE4 thing. I remember seeing it in one of the now-closed posts. I do know that SCUM has the same issue, along with the raining inside structures problem (also blamed on UE4).

I’m not a 3D renderer programmer or whatever, but I don’t see a viable resolution to this much requested feature. Think you’re just going to have to keep using those stairs.

IF ( grass_under_foundationblock = true ) THEN
grass_hidden = true;

That’s just some rough pseudocode, but you get the idea. Actual implementation would be a bit more complicated, but basically you just need a way to detect when there is grass colliding with the block and hide the grass if there is.

As I said, I still don’t see a viable solution. An if statement isn’t going to cut it.

Grass is not rendered the same way rocks and trees are. Otherwise land claim would be enough. And its not rendered the same because it would kill your FPS.

This ^, Its kinda like spray paint, Its connected to map in differnt way then bushes and trees are.

Not just unreal engine thing ether, Most games do it this way to save memory.
Having game keep track of patches of spray painted grass/weeds/etc is resource hog.

Its unlikely to be changed on most current game engines.

Indeed grass areas are made with a brush, it is basically a layer and we can not remove some of it. But there are also lots of foliage (and it’s the highest vegetation) that are independent meshes and can be removed depending on how Funcom handles them.

Those kind of things for example may not be generated by a grass layer:

Well, like I said, it’s just rough pseudocode meant to get the general idea across. You’ve still got the same situation. You need a way to detect the grass and weeds that is colliding with the block and hide it, one way or another. It can be done. It’s just a question of how to do it without too much impact on performance.

I don’t think it’ll work. There’s two kind of vegetations in the game, one you can harvest with your hand or with a sickle, and one you can not harvest whatever the tool used. I won’t be surprised if the 2nd kind is part of the texture of the terrain mesh, that means you can code it to be hidden on collision detection. That the same reason why you can’t level part of the terrain before building so your foundations don’t disappear under it if you forgot to raise them.

I know another Unreal Engine game but in a higher version where the Gras is vanishing if you place your foundations. It’s Outlaws of the old west. So in principle it would be possible also for CE, but they certainly at least have to rework these assets and in worst case the whole map.

Outlaws of the old west seems to be a really good game! Still in EA and they already have mounts I saw. And the build system looks like Conan Exiles a lot.

The map is 160 square km - it’s huge, but the landscape is not as unique as from CE. There is a massive lack of content, the game still needs time but it seems promising.

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For a game in the Old West, mounts are mandatory.

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