Grass is over foundations

Game mode: Single-Player, but probably for all modes
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: local

If you place a foundation (e.g. sandstone foundation) for building a house, and the foundation is laid on grass, then the grass is partially over the foundation, it is not “flattened”.

  1. lay the foundation

I haven’t done much building at all but when I see the blades of grass showing through the top of my ghost foundation, I just raise it slightly. I thought this was intended behavior.

It would be really great if grass got flattened when you place foundations because at the moment, I always need to do a little jump to get inside my houses.

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I think stairs would help :wink:

Been playing for just around 6 hours, have mercy! :smiley:
Can you dip the stair piece into the terrain so you only have a tiny bit sticking up top, to snap to the edge of the foundation?

I’ve leveled and rebuilt entire bases because of this. Of course, if it’s just a few sprigs of grass, you can place a basket or something over top so it looks like someone was collecting plant fiber.

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Yes, me to, i can’t stand when grass is cliping inside buildings, so i can fiddle a while to achieve the perfect look, or nearly.

But the ground-cover cliping is a problem in most games and plateformes where you can build bases. It’s not only CE related. Ground-covers are generated, and so for moment not much than can be done. Maybe in some future. :wink:

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That sounds tedious and expensive to do. I can understand the need for it though, and will end up doing the same. Not at all looking forward to it though.

Before you place your foundations, you can alter the hight you want them, so it’s simple to chose bit highter and avoid the grasses picking trough mostly.
There few places or situation where one foundations isn’t enough to cover, but mostly it is. It’s more to care when you start, and what hight you start to place them.

There will be a place you will want to raise your foundation anyway, actually, every place. Foundations offer much more protection against purges than do walls. When you are purged (unless you have disabled it) you may miss killing a few, letting them attack your structure.

Regardless, it is a bug, and known, and your post is spot on. My bet is that it is on Trello, but since it is visual only, low priority. There are other problems to fix first, like those that make the game unplayable.

Good luck, and beware, the grass is slippery :slight_smile:



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Not really a bug, its just how the grass textures work.

Most games that I’m aware of have this as a thing, Just something thats never been a major thing for a companies dev team waste time and money on.

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I agree, @Sera67. Like Microsoft, is it a bug or a feature?

You can turn down one of the level of detail settings that controls vegetation (I forget what it’s called), which is what I did for the first base I ever built. Not an ideal solution, but it will avoid the need for a rebuild.

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