Grass in my house

and not the kind some people like.

Necroing an older post and just reminding Funcom that this would be nice to have at some point. I’m worried my house will catch fire with all the grass growing through my foundations.


Cycle Build Mode.
Whatever button is used to increase height when placing a foundation.

You don’t have to have a foundation only a few inches off the ground. You can raise them up in most places a good 1-3 feet off the ground. Which hides the grass.

Just don’t try and build where you find high bushes of grass, as this only works for lower ones.

As far as the well goes, I don’t think grass spawns everywhere, so don’t place it on a bush or anything. However, the bottom of the well is going to display whatever the ground texture is beneath it. Meaning in the desert, you will see sand at the bottom of the well.

I suggested some time back to placing a texture across the bottom to simulate depth, maybe it’ll be available in a patch in the future.

You can also layer foundations for more height, stacking them as high as you like. Useful in a columned base look.

grass, rain, some random dude, it’s part of the conan experience

On the PS4, you press Triangle for Cycle Build Mode, holding it can help, as sometimes it is broken and does the Strong Attack.

But after that, it is like the Rotate Buttons. L2 to decrease height, R2 to increase height.

Oh yeah, I totally get that, but every block I place is one more piece of code the server and client have to process. When I find a nice flat, I like to have the tops of my foundations just inches above, so I can avoid putting stairs all around the place.

It isn’t a huge deal or anything. If it was critical for me I would change the way I build, but I thought it worth bringing up the topic again.

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