Building radius remove grass

as the title say.that is what i would like to see in this game… if you place foundation of any kind it would flatten\remove the grass around the foundation including under the foundation!


They just made it so, was not long time ago resourses was gone close to buildings and people was spaming blocks to remore all resourses in the game.

im talking about the literly the grass that blowing in the wind on the ground…not resources…the graass is what i want to go away when placing stuff…the grass is popping out of foundations and stuff…its look back…if they make it so that area with grass on it will be gone when you place something would make the ground look way better…


This has been suggested before, and I’d love to see it done because I much dislike tall grass poking through my floor.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty much impossible. Unlike resources, the grass is part of the terrain textures that can’t be removed on its own. Changing this would cause a lot of extra stresson servers because the server would have to keep account of where grass should be and where it has been removed. Similarly how NPC camps used to be destroyable in Early Access but were turned into parts of terrain so as to reduce server load.

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A ok, that grass i se! That will be hard to change i think. They probebly need to redo the hole map as fixed as the mountans.

Funcom said no because of those limitations

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This is more game engine issue then server one.

As alot of grass is spray painted on so to speak. You spray on sand texture 1, and grass texture 2 and 3, they all spawn grass as prat of there land map data.

Its something for several years thats been tried. And it often requires grass to be its own thing. Which is taxing on memory.

It can be done for certain methods, but not for alot of the ones we have right now.

Yes the only wat is to build one more level off foundations or if its a small spot build stations or other decorations stuff ther. or use it as part of the decorations.

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