Add more tiers of thralls and standardize them

Please add up to T7 of thralls, with T7s being named thralls.

Then please standardize the tiers. It is extremely dishearting to get a T4 in an out of the way location and find out it is probably worse than a T3 from the over-camped locations elsewhere.

Find a nice scenic location that would be perfect for a base? Want to make a Dafari themed character? Congrats, you just made you life a hundred times more tedious than if you had just dropped a base near Sep City like every other player in the game.

I get that the later areas are supposed to be harder, so just make them more likely to spawn higher tiers, but have the tiers be comparable. For example, most camps on newbie river should have T1 and T2 thralls 99.999% of the time, while Sep City might never have less than a T4.

However, in the extremely rare cases when a T6 spawns in a Dafari camp, it should have the same sort of stats you would see on a Sep City T6 thrall.

This would give your game a massive boost in replay value or play time for the non-purely-PVP crowds.

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