Add Timers Already

There are so many aspects that have a time status bar when crafting tools, weapons, gear, food, pets, foals, purge time countdown, all of which that require more visual information then just a status bar.

While a status bar is obviously a great thing to have across the board, this bar is actually tied to a value, a visual interpretation of that value would be a welcome addition to the official servers UI. We understand that purge values can change frequently based of various factors but would greatly appreciate this as well then just a status bars since this would be the largest issue concerning this missing feature.

It’s simple, we want to know how long things take and how much time we have to wait for them to complete or when we need to be online in order to be ready for events and have adequate time to prepare.

If you want this added please make your voice heard by commenting below.

Thank you,
Ninja Havok





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I think, it will be better as mod. Not as base game feature.

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This topic relates to official servers. Perhaps your suggestion applies, if they would make an official server wide mod that performs this function. I would prefer this be an actual feature that exists officially but I wouldn’t care so long as it was delivered.

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