Training Timers

Would love to have timers on Breaking Thralls & Taming Pets/Mounts. It’s super frustrating to see the bar all most done, so you’re like “sweet, any time now” and it still takes another 3 hours. :frowning:


If you are playing single player or are an Admin
The setting you want is called “thrall crafting time”
Lower values are faster e.g. .5 is twice as fast as 1.0 - 2.0 will take twice as long.

And Pets, same as above lower is faster, think “fractions” a fraction of the time. 0.1 is almost instant, 0.0 is instant.

Slàinte Mhath

Don’t really want to change the speed. I just want to see how much longer is on it in numbers


Conan Exiles Wiki Now just use your math skills and count it down.

I like this suggestion a lot. It’s a nice QoL improvement.


I would love for crafting, buff, and status effect timers to be an option. It would be really nice to choose between a progress bar, a number, or both.

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