Adding Chariots?

If mounts are too difficult to add to CE (perhaps due to the amount of animation work needed), what about adding chariots to the game? There would be some needed animations, but a character standing (with arm animations) would be easier than perhaps the full ‘leap on the horse and ride’ kind of animations.

TL;DR - Would adding chariots to CE be feasible/easier than just pure mounts?

Light Two-Wheel Chariot

Heavy Four-Wheel Chariot:

@zerog hit it on the head. Loading a large epic base on log in is basically what it would be like to travel by mount.

that only applies to people trying to play CE with or lower min spec and also their render range is really short for the move speed for mount anyway.

Chariots would be an order of magnitude more difficult than mounts. I’m quite sure it’s not the animation work that’s stopping mounts, anyway - it’s a mix of technical limitations (low-end PCs + consoles) and the fact that the Exiled Lands aren’t really big enough to warrant mounts in the first place. The latter is opinion-based, of course, but the former unfortunately isn’t.


I can trek most of the map without needing a mount quickly. Even before Obilisk features.

I used to be such a pro-Mount guy when I first bought the game over a year ago. Now I’m a “please, make it stop” guy every time I see a Mount thread. If they ever decided to invest heavily into making mounts a reality, cool, whatever sounds good to them. Otherwise, I don’t thiink the game honestly needs mounts for a variety of reasons.

I guess I like the idea of chariots simply because it would fit the time period and the novelty of having chariot combat in the game. Many games have mounts for riding and a few for mounted combat, but very few have chariots.

I agree that on such a small map, we don’t need them for transportation. But that’s not what I was thinking of using them for.

I think programming in chariots would be as complicated if not more than mounts. A cool idea but not easy…
Funcom would have to code in the same types of collision parameters and consequences as for mounts but add in code to assess when the chariot can and can not proceed …and what the outcomes should be if the chariot can not pass … ie does it stop because it was at walk speed …does it crash and throw the handler as it was at speed. What happens when it enters water … if the water is shallow enough the chariot could pass (so long there are no natural or player placed obstacles to it passing) … would the chariot destroy fishtraps …what would happen if it went into deep water?
And this would need to be dynamic coding for the changing landscape not static …ie chariot can not be driven over a rocky area but if someone has just gone through and harvested all the rocks the chariot should be able to travel over the area … same logic for being to travel on a player built road (if it’s wide enough) but crash if it goes off the path and there is no ramp to take it to the ground.
It would also need to be limited upon what surfaces it could travel … or multiple chariot types for ice/snow compared to desert and programmed accordingly.
I can see that horse mounts etc would allow the rider to jump over obstacles within limits … a chariot would not have the same flexibility.

And of course … what about combat when in the chariot…

So to do all those dynamic animations and game balance tweaks calculated for all those variables (and more)… it would take a week? Week and a half? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

seriously, when they can’t even fix thralls falling to their deaths on elevators and thralls & pets that permanently defy gravity ? Purge spawns …well purges activating at all … spawn tables of named thralls…how long has it been since more than ONE named alchemist was spawning in all of the Exiled lands … and the insubstantial crocodiles you fight from INSIDE them.

Oh, so, like… two weeks, then? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hey i am trying to gather up everyones desires for new mechanics and map features before releases their annual plan for conan exiles. Chariots would be another wonderful thing to add to the list.

I look forward to hearing from you all and seeing the interesting things you all want to see in Conan exiles!

Well, if you’re looking to add to the chariot concept, there’s all kinds of “vehicles” that can be added. Mostly thinking of trade caravans at this point:

  1. Trade Caravans (camel and mule variants) - packs on animals alone
  2. Hand carts (thrall pulled) (like a wheelburrow, but with two wheels)
  3. Open Wagons (horse, mule, camel, rhino pulled variants)
  4. Closed carriages - hand carried (thralls) like a noble in a shaded, pillowed platform
  5. Closed carriages - animal pulled (like a horse and two-wheeled buggy or even horse and four-wheeled carriage)

Some of these sound like cool additions for Pve though they could be made useful for pvp like the hand carts allowing you to move more resources or items around or even wagons doing the same.

Cool for RPers as well. Trading between communities is an essential component to RP servers. But yes, the ability to “raid” a caravan in PvE would be fun, too.

Wish it would let me copy your post and put it in the wish list >.< Its being stubborn with me.

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