Adjust the way the night eye potion visuals

I am asking that the night eye visuals be adjusted to provide a better picture and quality rather than it being similar to tunnel vision with a flashlight.

This is how it looks it’s a brighter picture when not in first person visuals and I also want to ask why is the Darfari mask the one with night eye and not Jhebaal Sag mask? The issue here is the visuals become a tad harder to see with the tunnel vision and that it seems rather cheap to just make it a flashlight with your eyeballs really. I actually have better night vision than this which is kind of what bugs me. Hopefully this could be fixed or just adjusted to be improved and the Jhebaal Sag mask can have a variant with night eye and with put hopefully. Please and for the Farfari mask its info relates to the undead why doesn’t it allow you to see ghosts? But gives night eye instead?

Also apologies the first picture and last one I took in the day light due to taking the potion a bit late. I usually don’t need it till a bit of the night kicks in and I don’t usually use the torches or glow stick, I like to ambush. But simple use you can tell that this is a flashlight effect.

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