Graphic/filter's issue when using night eye potion or the Night-Stalkers Mask

Game mode: [Online private]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE-Conflict]
Region: [EU]

[When using the night eye potion or the night-stalkers mask, when the effect of “night vision” end, the graphism are not the same as “normal”]

1.Use a night eye potion or equip the night-stalkers mask
2.wait for the effect of the potion to end/unequip the mask
3.See that the graphisms/filter have changed.
4.Have to exit in-game and restart to get the graphisms back to “normal”.

Before using the mask/potion

After unequiping the mask/ end of the potion’s effect

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I’ve noticed this too. Everything is brighter and weird.

My friend used the potion and after it wore off, unlike me, his visuals didn’t change whatsoever.

I’ve also noticed that the potion doesn’t even work for me. I’ll use it and nothing will happen, it just gets dark around the edges of my screen and there seems to be more shades instead of colors. I’m thinking maybe there’s something wrong with it or the setting in which I use it.

I’d like to know what’s wrong since I got so excited to have night vision. It’d be a disappointment if the potion doesn’t work.

It’s an issue that had been reported in the testlive section before the patch release.

Looks it was not corrected yes.
You’re right, i experimented the same isssue with the mask.

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Hey @viguiry

Thanks for the feedback. Our team is aware of this issue and they’re looking into it.


dont fix this please, after the effect ends and when its daylight, my graphics become hilarious, if anyone how to make the settings to stay always like that, please explain, in-game or desktop settings…

up the gamma in game.

But honnestly now, it hurts the eyes.
Try on singleplayer for special effect, you may use a reshade or such to.
But it’s def a horrible bug, and i think all will like it.

using reshade legal? and does it affects any fps drop? thank you

I think it depends what, but i would not recommand use it on official servers.

In singleplayer, or on your privat server you’re free to use and enjoy them, if you can make them work. Had one working in EA, but it stopped working after a patch.

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