Passive health regen is extremely passive

You need 2 heals at same time
1.- Roasted Haunch - Official Conan Exiles Wiki or Hearty Stew - Official Conan Exiles Wiki
2.- Herbal Tea - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

you dont need wait more.

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Are you saying that the enviroment defense perk work as intended?
Because in epic cimmerian armor i still get frostbite and take damage on the bridge of the betrayer, my hp ticks down.
40 points in vit.

So the only way in these cases are to use heating food/drinks, as all the normal stuff will not work.

Earlyer i wouldnt get frosbite on that bridge, same spec, and my hp regain would keep me alive if i did, using cold gear, now that isn`t enough.
I allways thought it was the armor that did its job, apparently not.

Well you have to take with you potions and foods? I don’t see how counter-intuitive it is. I can litterally completly heal myself in 3 secondes from being low HP (<20% max hp), with foods etc. I just tank any boss, when i’m low i run and i equip the lifeblood spear + aloe extract + roasted haunch, and i’m full Hp, rdy to go again.

I know? In worst case scenario i go herbal tea + life blood spear + roasted haunch + aloe extract in the same time.

It works as intended. It’s normal that you still take frostbite on the bridge, you actually need to get a better version of your armor (Cimmerian Steel Helmet - Official Conan Exiles Wiki exceptionnal and flawless don’t have the same cold resistance.)

So you are now indentifying yourself as a Solo player this late into the debate. Curious, as in this thread started by you just 4 days ago (and older ones too), you list yourself as PvE-Conflict, which is essentially a toned down version of PvP.
Ill let others form their own judgements regarding this, and make my point.

Others have already made my point, which is essentially scattered across several posts.
There is a huge gap in terms of both the overall points investment between, and level based availability between the third and fourth perks. It is obvious that you are a proponent of the ‘Receptive’ perk. But as the increasing number of user replies is indicating; we cant afford the extra point investment, as we dont have specialised roles. And just because ‘Fierce Vitality’ doesnt make a big difference to you personally in your game, in doesnt mean that it does not have a significant impact on our game. In Singleplayer mode, these nerfs can be deadly. If you feel that you personally dont need it, then it simoly should not bother you wether it is restored to its original state.

This may be the case, but what makes Fierce Vitality such an asset is that it resumes healing immediately after the damage has been taken, and the handful of extra points it provides while we navigate the wheel or inventory have saved my life many times over. Moreover, even if it is not a standout in terms of power on its own, when used in conjunction with an Aloe Potion and a piece of food, it is a powerful team effort in restoring health. And a team is only as strong as its weakest member. Furthermore, it significantly decrease in how many healing items I need use over a longer period of time, and hence reduces the grind.

Again, just because this works for you, it doesnt mean that it works for everyone else. Not all of us have a Lifeblood Spear, and we should not be forced into adopting the Spear style just to enjoy a respectable level of health regeneration. Your argument at its core is centred around ‘…if you adopt my playstyle, you dont need Fierce Vitality…’ I would say that the steadily growing consensus of disaffected players would disagree with you, and with what has happened to this perk.


@Shadoza this statement resonates with what is becoming an ever increasing occurance for myself, and Im sure many others in our situation. Thankyou and well put sir.

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They were obviously trying to make it not a necessity. Or, make other perks more relevant, by making passive regen less useful.

Issue is this. People value their heals very much, and will use them for QoL even when they are minimally useful. Nerf this into the dirt, and people will still use it. They will just be unhappy about it now.

After the change I considered giving up vitality, but the other perks just nowhere near strong enough to give up both HP, and regen.

As stated above. Regen is critical for lower lvl solo players who are kiting big mobs and struggling to get that next trophy.

Black keep for example. Boss room. You and your flawless steel weapon pick off two adds, then go to work on the boss. But each time you take damage, it takes A. 3:30 to heal, or B. 7:00 to heal. You are conserving what little meat remains, because the fight to get here was a hard one. 50 lobsters, and all of your bandages are gone. Your down to stacks of honey, or left over chest loot for food. (Rhino Head Soup).

After 20-30 minutes, boss is nearly dead (and you too) when the trash mobs respawn for the A. First time, or B. Second time. Really complicating things for you.

All the while you lose max HP to corruption damage, each mistake more dangerous than the last.

If you ■■■■ up now, you lose it all. A. 1 chance to ■■■■ up, vs B. 2 chance to ■■■■ up.

Passive heal shouldn’t take SO long. It affects a lot in the game.


Oh so because i wrote threads that i had bugs in pve-conflict means that i am playing only in this mode? Very smart deduction :slight_smile:

Exacly? I don’t see how it is relevant to point something obvious again?

It never bothered me, i just pointed out why they did this change in my original comment.

As you can see here :slight_smile:

Wrong, you can test it right now you need to wait around 10sec.

No. Let’s say you just have the third perk, you have then 440hp. Aloe extract will restore 145 hp in 10sec, a piece of food like roasted haunch will restore 80hp in 10sec, herbal tea 120hp in 10 sec. The fierce vitality perk? 5hp. It’s insignificant and you need to be out of combat for it to work (10secondes after taking a hit :slight_smile: ) .


Actually yes, since i am not using any mods that changes how heals works on a player.

Even without the life blood spear i still heal myself in 3secondes, or around this time. But it’s a great asset. I don’t see how you’re forced to adopt the spear style? I just use it to heal myself, not to attack ennemies?


What you say doesn’t matter on that part sorry. And they can disagree with me, it’s more than okay since we’re here to discuss/resolve an issue :slight_smile:

Edit: Read GodisGood comment. It sums up what i said and it is pretty accurate.

I have 40 str 40 Vit, and have noticed no difference. I watch it climb after an engagement

I agree. If you are dependent on regen only for health during a fight, then you are going to get owned (PVP that is). Why, because of the stop healing on damage debuff. The regen should be back to what it was at the very least. This way, if you retreat correctly from NPC’s (which is not too hard) you can regen accordingly and decide to leave the fight. PVP, retreating is an option, but a player is way better at chasing than NPC’s, so only way to really heal there to continue fighting/escaping is the consumables.

Agree, i play mostly solo, or singleplayer, so like you, i want not have to “stand on the rock” for hours, and heals are weight. Look at the aloe-potion how much they weight.
Food the same way, so the passive-heal is mostly fine.

Also i play often archer, with light armour, and not to much points in encumbrance, and one more, here to the passive heal was still important to me.

All the fine mats about food, time, and heals may be clever and fine, but in end, we just want know if really intended or not, so we can chose how to build up our char, and play with this.

If a bug, and not intended, it needs correction.
If intended, yes, then it’s open a full discussion.


No, you’re still thinking too small scale. You don’t stop and wait for the passive regen to fill up your bar every time. You let it supplement the healing from your items and work while you’re running from place to place. Over time across many different fights the healing from the regen adds up. You’re eating one less lobster here, drinking one less potion there, and by the end of your session you find you’ve gone home with several more healing items than you did before you had the perk.

That’s all I’m getting at really. You shouldn’t get the perk expecting it to turn you into Wolverine or something. Get it so you stop bleeding. (Figuratively speaking. I’m not referring to the bleeding debuff.)


Agree, and then i learned aloe-soup since a while, and and… but yes, the game isn’t all about rush to end-level. And helping the long the way to players, gives them also more fun to replay it again.

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All I know is after the recent patch regen was extremely nerfed. Sucks too, my clan members just unlocked it after the nerf.

Although the regen was nerfed it still helps a lot, no need to worry about sandstorms or extreme cold too much.

All in all regen is very helpful but could’ve done way more if it wasn’t nerfed.


I have been at lvl 60 since June last year. In that time I’ve tried out almost every possible combination of builds augmented by armor. Every one has their own play style. What works for me is to stand and fight with heavy armor and teliths sorrow or equivalent legendary.
This build requires me to have 30 vit for the regen, 30 grit for the damage reduction and ability to deal out enough combos, 31 str increased to 40 with armor to get the 25% damage increase to heavy strikes and the rest in enc so I can actually wear the heavy armor needed to take some punishment while standing and fighting.
This build is already compromised in the cold areas by the fact there is now no heavy strength cold resist armor in the game any more since the un-lore friendly change of Hyperborean to heat resist.
Surviving in the mounds or eyelet lake is now extremely difficult in that build with a normal regen alone. Now but the time I’m half way through the mounds, I’ve lost half my health to cold alone and this fierce vitality does nothing to help unlike before.


But it is fixed now? I don’t see why you’re taking a fixed bug as an argument here?

Aloe extract is available at lvl 15? Roasted haunch is just cooked meat ?

Exacly. The nerf is justified if before you could just ignore a sandstorm or the weather without a specific armor.

It gives you a flat bonus of 15 armor.

You simply need a better armor with cold res, you expected to go in the cold weather with a heat resistance armor and survive just with the regen from the fierce vitality perk? lol

You should have at least have 2 armors (cold res/heat res)

Ok, but what about now? i don’t have any issues carrying healing items?

Just for that really? You just need to use poison/gaz/explosive arrow to break this problem. How would pvp players do on modded servers then ? ^^