Admin fast travel lockup

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Crash
Server type: PvE
Mods?: Yes
Bug Description: Using admin map fast travel locks up the game every time.

Expected Behavior: To fast travel to the location selected on map.

Installed Mods:
Improved quality of life 3.4.2
Paragon’s leveling 2.3.2

Steps to Reproduce:
As admin in solo open map, hold L ctrl, right click mouse on selected spot to fast travel to on map. Game locks, have to force close.

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Just experienced the same issue.

Co-Owner of our server reported that he had freezes and a crash yesterday.

We have to force close via taskmanager also.

Same thing, has locked up several times today, each time I play and have to log out to kill the process. Only started today, and I did have a small update this morning.

So with both admin fast travel and maproom travel.

Private server with no mods.

I was gonna complain that the patch from 6/2 has caused my game to hang on Official #1732 when I use the maproom. However, they just released a patch today that claims to fix that. So I will presume it’s fixed (haven’t tested yet). THANK YOU Funcom & @Community for listening and acting so quickly. :clap:

Please let us know how it goes. We recently released an update that should alleviate these issues and has been met with messages of success from other players.

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For reference; this issue should be resolved with today’s latest update:

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