Admin mode; resetting of feats using just spacebar -please change this!

I have no idea of how many times I have accidentally reset all my feats while in admin mode - believing I have activated the chat, and started typing fast - then realizing I have activated the menu and hit spacebar.

This normally (and sooo often) happens while I am removing some floating thralls while communicating with other players. Each time this happens I feel like banging my head into something hard. Repeating to myself “must rembember to exit admin mode immediately after taking care of admin business” - But I never learn… or I simply forget to exit it.

Could you, dear developers, please make it harder to do this mistake. Preferably making that option only activated by mouse pointing and clicking, or at least make it a two key combination thing. Please. It would make my life so much easier. As it is now I am becoming an expert on choosing feats (often several times a day)… :tired_face:


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