Admin mode unlearning feats?

Ever since I have started playing Conan I have had the issue with all of my feats resetting to it’s unlearned state. I don’t know if this is triggered by any particular action that I am doing in admin mode, because it seems to only affect me and not my other admin. My admin play quite regularly and often have to use a lot of the admin mode features and they have never had to go into their feats and relearn everything. I do every session I play. It often resets during a session after I have already learned everything. I cannot figure out what causes this. If anyone else has any insight as to why this may be happening, I would greatly appreciate it. I would love to be able to play the game as it is intended, but having to relearn every feat every time I play is tiresome so I just resort to spawning items rather than crafting them.

Are you using yellow potions to reset attributes, by any chance?

I have had that happen anytime I use the admin console to add points on my solo local session. When I log in next everything has reset itself back to 0.

I am not.

Odd. I have not done any of that.

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