Admins Lose feats

Game mode: [Enter game mode here: (Online private]
Type of issue: | Bug c]
Server type: [ PvE]
Region: [USA]

I can’t be the first to winge ( I had a better word but the censor got me hahahahaha ) about this: WHY do admins have to reset their feats every time they spawn something??

Especially annoying now that there’s a IMMENSE number of things we cannot spawn since the flawless and epics got removed such as ANY sword made by the bladesmith I cannot spawn

c’mon man don’t make me spend 20 minutes resetting feats because I gave someone some hardened brick

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

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Emmmmmm what? I spawn stuff all the time and I have never had an issue with my feats resetting when doing so.


I’m not seeing the admin reset feat bug either. Maybe a mod is interfering with how the feats are working for admins?

This happens to me too on both the Exiles and Siptah servers that I lease from G-Portal. No mods were used. Step 1 Log in to the admin menu. step two pick up a set of light armor from the gear tab. step 3 pass light armor to a new person who just showed up on the server. Step four open the feats menu and my feats are reset to zero.

no mods! I spawn and
drop some hardened brick and loose all my feats! been like that a year ><

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do ya’ll stay admins or do you do " make me normal "

I am a newbie admin. I am lucky to teleport correctly. I have this same problem of having to relearn my feat points after summoning items for players. I have never used a make me admin shortcut, I just go thru menu and stay admin all the time.

I open the menu by hitting ESC then click the make me an admin button and sign in. I remain an admin until I log off. My only workaround is to have an alternate copy of the game that I bought when it was on sale and use that one for admin purposes. That way I can avoid having my feats reset every time I help someone who lost items through decays or glitches. this always happens when I spawn new items from the admin menu and drop the items on the ground for the other person to pick up.

WELCOME RUBYLUCKY its making me type a complete sentence

I remember a while ago we were having them reset by accidently hitting the space bar in the appropriate screen while in admin mode, now we exit out of admin mode as soon as we do whatever

Ok, so I went to test and record on my not modded test server:

I am not seeing what you are seeing regardless how I choose to drop the items. The only thing that could somehow explain is if somehow you pressing space to drop the items interferes with the reset feat option but again, I can’t reproduce it myself. I have to be in the feat GUI when I press space to actually reset my feats. I doesn’t happen to me otherwise.

My client is in English, I am using QWERZ layout keyboard and my keybinds are default. Fullscreen Windowed mode.

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today its happened to me about 6 times and I have been very careful not to hit the space bar