Feats gone after relog!

Game mode: [Online PvP server]
Problem: [Bug | Performance]
Region: [Eu]

Hello Everyone,

I have an issue where every time i log in i lose my feast recipes in my inventory and crafting stations.
The only thing the could fix it was to reset my stats as admin and then relearn them but when i logout and in they are gone again.

I did do a verify game files integrity before adding my bug report here, that did not help.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. go to your inventory after login, note that only few recipes are in your inventory.
  2. check that feats are learned and wonder why they are not there.
  3. go and try to fix a weapon, it says you don’t have the skill to repair this!
  4. relearn as admin, they are now back.
  5. logout and login again.
  6. recipes are now gone again but feats are still learned :’( please help…

Okay, so i ran another verify game files integrity in steam. When i logged back in to the game all my recipes where back. However, my vault now looked like it was empty but i can see that the black slots are still occupied by something there is just no icon!

Then i logged out again and back in and my recipes are now gone again. The vault is still bugged also… This is a strange and annoying bug!

Please help!

Lol, that’s some pretty bad luck. More fixes = more bugs.