All recipes above lvl 10 gone from crafting menu (lvl 38 character)

Game mode: Online (Official PvP server)
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

I logged in today to find that all the crafting recipes I’ve unlocked beyond lvl 10 had disappeared from my crafting menu. This is on a level 38 character and all the feats still show up as unlocked. This is the first time this has happened. I tried logging in and out, but the issue persisted.

At the moment, I’m kinda stuck with a mid-level character that doesn’t have access to all the recipes I’ve unlocked on him. Will see if leveling up fixes the issue.

Not sure how the bug happened, but this is what preceded it:

  1. Yesterday, my base was raided and my character was killed while I was offline (body was unconscious).

  2. I logged in today just to see what had happened. I spawned in the desert and logged off almost immediately. I didn’t check the crafting menu at this point.

  3. Logged back in later today and a strange thing happened. Instead of my character spawning where I left it, I was taken to the character creation menu, even though I already had a character on the server. I exited the game because I didn’t want to risk overwriting my existing character by completing the char creation.

  4. I logged back in after a minute, this time normally, and noticed the bug. Not sure if it had anything to do with the weird char creation issue above since I didn’t check the crafting menu the first time I logged in after being killed.

Numerous people on my server are experiencing the random loss of crafting recipes. I can not reproduce it. It rarely happens to me but tonight it did and nothing will bring them back.

This can happen random to everyone, c it a few times now on our private Server, it happen also to me the other day by using a maproom.

An easy way for fixing this ingame is to use an Yellow Lotus Potion

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I read that’s a fix somewhere, but the trouble is that I no longer have access to the recipes needed to craft the potion. The only way I can get it now is by farming NPCs and hope for that rare drop or ask another player to craft one for me (not easy when you play solo on a PvP server).

I kinda just decided to move onto a new server since I lost most my stuff in a raid anyway and the fix for this issue is more of a hassle than I care to bother with.