Lost all crafting recipes

I’ve been playing for over a week now, lots of hours.
Today my character has no crafting recipes on the right hand panel. Also all of my placed workstations also have no crafting recipes of any kind anymore.
They all just show a row of 5 empty slots. Repeatedly pressing R3 does not help.
This is really really annoying as I’ve got to level 60 and have lots of high level resources, black ice, hardened steel and so on that I don’t want to lose.
I have exited and restarted the game several times to no avail.
I’m also guessing that if I start a new game I will lose this character for good.

Was hoping to spend a good few hours this weekend n this now I can’t.

Playing offline, single player , not co op.

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Have you checkt your feets sounds like you resete your knowlege points

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Thanks. Knowledge panel says I’ve spent 506 and have 3 available. But Yes all the stuff I’d previously learned is now marked as not learned again.
So annoying

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It’s your filters my friend relax, you lost nothing.
You may accidentally pressed R3 and you changed your filters. Go to a working bench menu and keep pressing R3 until you see above right “showing all”!
Welcome to the forum m8 :+1:t6:

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@stelagel is right I do it my self were did it all go. For that matter items in your inventory water bottles especially disappear you make more now you have twice as many. Welcome to the Forum.

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It’s getting worse. It’s not clicking L3 checked that first thing.
I now get after “quit”, the game hangs for ever on disconnecting screen.
When I restart I’ve lost all armour, some things off short cut wheel, random placed workstations disappear and contents of workstations and some chests disappear. Also some followers now gone.
And 2000 odd black ice I had in a preservation box all gone.
All the journeys I had completed are reset.
Frankly ridiculous.
Now at the point do I want to risk hours rebuilding everything I had, collecting more followers etc only to lose them again next time it won’t disconnect properly.
Also now sometimes when starting the game I get a crash and have to restart again. Worst game I’ve ever played for bugs in 30 years I’d say.

That’s more to me that the system is failing than bug!
I am really sorry m8, i don’t know what more to say here than these things shouldn’t happen :confused:. Truly sorry for the situation you’re going through.
@Dzonatas knows the system very well, if he can give some advise would be really appreciated, because my sympathy is all i can share.

I’ve read all above, and I would say “double-check you are on the same server you started with” but single player mode ruled that out.

Online or offline or both?

I read it happening in single player mode, but there are some puzzles left here.

When I join a server I first use the selection on my favorites to make sure I get the same server.


Hi always offline. I don’t have ps plus or anything so can’t go online

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If you can’t go online without ps+, then how do you update games? I mean I haven’t tried it totally offline.

I assumed we are on the same version of ce.

you only need ps+ for multiplayer as long as you have internet games will update

side note i got this bug today on my offline game too it happened when i used the potions to reset my points after i used it the game still had i spent all my knowledge and attributes points even though i had not and i was max level i had to wipe the character save to save what little i had build and reclaim it all thru the admin panel. and i have had a few people post in my bug thread about this bug. and i now my way around the admin panel and can reset most of the crafting stuff but if you are online…you are just boned it means you would need to go thru all the dungeons and other places to relearn all the things again this is just not right :unamused:

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Just to be stand corrected, it was my mistake and i correct it on my post. My apologies for wrong information, in order to fix the filters on your benches you press R3 not L3 that i suggested on my original post.
My apologies again and of course my sympathy once again for the situation you’re going through.
One last suggestion if you haven’t done it already. Please uninstall and reinstall. I am pretty confident that will help.

Will uninstall/reinstall lose the save game?

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No, you won’t loose your save.

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to delete the save file you need to go to storage in the PS and manually do it thankfully. uninstall/reinstall hopefully it works :pray:

Ok this same thing is happening to me too. I’m losing hours of work from this bug and I’m getting frustrated.

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