Admin Panel Removal

Please remove the admin panel . I have played conan exiles for 1k plus hours and have found the admin panel useless . Plus the Admin Panel just gives players an easy reason to not explore the map or go out and physically gather rescources or craft anything manually cause they just get it off the admin panel including alot of players set themselves to level 60 instantly which is not cool . Admin Panel should be for Devs ONLY. Thank you and have a great day.

You want to remove admin panel beacause YOU find it useless ?

It’s usefull for…admin, for private server to make events etc…if you havn’t use of that…don’t use it…


I’ve been playing since Early Access and I’ve never once built anything with black ice, I think Funcom should remove that from the game too.

Plus the Admin Panel just gives players an easy reason to not explore the map or go out and physically gather rescources

Au contraire, I’ve used the admin panel to explore the map and scout out resource locations without getting ripped to shreds many, many times.


Losing admin panel would ruin half my fun…

Can always password it… and not write it down or something. XD


There’s a mod that will disable the admin panel. You can password protect it to keep yourself from accessing it too.

Otherwise, nope.


Don’t like the Admin Panel? Don’t use it. Pretty simple. Like @Shadoza said: it’s only available to private server owners and solo players. Let folks play how they want to play.


I use admin panel for two things: to get myself out of situations where a game bug has got me stuck (such as Midnight Grove, where killing a mid-boss didn’t open any doors), and for summoning things for scientific experimentation, the results of which I report on these forums for the benefit of other players and Funcom devs.

And on a very rare occasion, I use it to give me flight mode so I can get a better screenshot for an art project.

Everything I’ve built, every boss I’ve killed, every achievement I’ve unlocked, I’ve done the honest way, because that’s how I get my sense of achievement. But it’s not my place to decide for others how they want to play their game. If they want to stack their Solitaire deck, it’s not my problem.

Admin panel can also be used for purposes other than directly benefiting yourself. Some people just like to build castles in the game, so why make these artists spend hours upon hours of their time gathering rocks if all they want is to show off their Minas Tirith on Youtube?

And some private servers for role-players have an active “game master” who build challenges for their players. The Admin panel gives them tools that give them a freedom to tell their stories that is not limited to the regular Conan Exiles world.

The Admin panel has its uses for others even if you find it useless for your own purposes. I think that you feel cheated because someone else can use the admin panel to get to where you worked hard to get to. For this I suggest a mental paradigm shift - instead of feeling it’s a competition where someone teleported to the goal where you ran all the way, just try to think that they weren’t participating in the same race to begin with.


Yeah, so, pretty much this.

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Sorry but hard no from me on this one. As @Shadoza already said, in Singleplayer mode bosses can and have taken me many hours to complete on default damage values, and we have issues with Star Metal meteors spawning.

But another point, and my primary use for the Admin Panel is using it to regain items which have disappeared as a result of bugs. For example, if my T3 Set Shrine disappears while upgrading from a T2. I have already earned the right to own it by farming Zeal and resources honestly, so if I am deprived of it solely due to a technical issue, I should have the means to correct it. Even more so when we consider that 105 Manifestations of Zeal dont come quickly in Singleplayer. The same goes for weapons and armour which I have lost in crashes. I should have the means and decision making freedom to correct this.

If the Admin Panel is not to your tastes thst is fine, simply dont use it. We should be giving players more options, not fewer. The option which presents fewer options is rarely the better option.


It’s bad engough that Wraps can’t be used in single player mode. Removing the admin panel is a bad idea. It’s like putting your hand in a blender and turning it on. The game would ned to nerf every Enemy to counter the lost of the admin panel. The exp would need a buff. The Exile would need a huge buff. Removing the admin panel also makes it harder to test issues. Leave the admin panel the way it is. The admin panel one of Conan Exiles genius ideas. The admin panel in Conan Exiles is so great I went to Ark forums and brag about it. Making Ark players jealous.

Moving stops healing. Single players can’t stop to heal in battle.

I was pretty sure this was on purpose. Been like that for sometime were you couldnt move and heal with them. I carry them with me do to weight, mostly just heal + food when combat is done.

I didn’t checked recently, but last time I used wraps they didn’t heal but stopped bleeding adding a crippled effect. The bleeding stop was instantaneous and the cripple effect lasted only one or two seconds, so they’re very useful to have if you expect fights against creatures that can bleed you.
For healing, imo, aloe extract stay the best because they aren’t plagued by a timer contrary to aloe soup and herbal tea.

tldr hard NO

You have the option to not use it. You play your way. I will play mine.

Two paws :paw_prints: down


No, I’m saying wraps are worthless for solo and offline single player mode. I’ve tested this.

Wraps are not worthless in single player. They do exactly what they’re intended to do which is stop bleeding. They’ve saved me a few times when I was low on health after a battle and still had a few stacks of bleed.


Wraps force you to stand still. Boss battles and enemies will hit you and stop the healing. Wraps are worthless for solo players.

Wraps stop bleeding after battle ends. Good for single-player.

Until the last couple of patches wraps stopped bleeding instantly in SP - they’ve updated them in summer it seems to me, just the same time when Violet Cureall became Violet Curative and ceased to cure bleed any more. Now I don’t know 'cause I’ve stopped playing due to temporary lack of time.