Admin Player List Does Not Allow Scrolling

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: U.S./North America

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Open Player List On Admin Controls
  2. Attempt to Scroll Down

This is an every single time bug/issue. I admin on an open server, so every couple days, we get some meanie-head who names his character or clan something anti-semetic or disgustingly vulgar. Usually I message these people and tell them to change it or be banned, but 9/10 times they ignore me or tell me to fluffin’ heck myself.
I will go to the admin menu player list to ban them, but my server has a lot of slots and traffic, so sometimes the bad guys are further down the list and it needs to scroll for me to ban them… But it won’t let me. The highlight for each player continues to go down, with all the noises and cues for it scrolling, but the screen does not physically change. I cannot actually scroll down.

Hopefully this is addressed or fixed soon.


You’re playing on ps4 right because this is ps4 section . So you would be going in lto gportal site to make adjustments, ban or white list . I think that’s more of a gportal issue. Make a ticket to gportal on there site and ask for assistance they have help me. Good luck

I have never used their site to ban or whitelist. I am using Conan’s admin tab that Funcom made.

I understand what you were doing now. Using ingame admin. I have never used the player list there.I message from the server list. Recently put notice on word of the day no offensive clan name or base will be wiped alot of these newbies are pretty tasteless. Good luck I will check that list tonight

i had the same problem almost 9 months ago when i was running my 40 slot RP server. It actually ended up killing the want to rent my own server after awhile because of the difficulty to just ban some dude with a racist name that refuses to change it or any of the trolls that join a server to see what trouble they can get into. i finally got a message from someone on the staff team like a month later after i dropped my server saying they acknowledged the problem and would look into it. i guess it never got fixed though huh?


Hey there,

We’re going to send your report to our team so they can look into it.
Thanks for your feedback


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