Acrolling the player list to ban

Hello, I host a server on Conan exiles PS4 and we are currently having issues with a player we are unable to ban because we cannot scroll down the player list. They are very abusive verbally and have started sending inappropriate pictures to myself the other admins and other players these images include but are not limited to homophobic pictures and insults and pictures of genitalia which is very offensive and unpleasant to receive. Can you please fix it so we can scroll down the player list to ban ASAP as this is causing a lot of issues in my server that I pay for.

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This feature on console Conan has been broken for quite some time. We have spoken to GPortal on a number of occasions as admins and they have relayed back to us that it is up to the CE developers. We too have had a couple of terribad offenders which have even gone as far as to earn repeated console bans. We have no way of banning players from rented servers which we rent in order to have a way to form a positive community away from harassment/griefers found in official. Part of that being the admin dashboard. Conan Exiles official Twitter chose to ignore us when we reached out over this.

The best advice I can give is to build up a positive community, encourage positive interactions and have just basic rules that encourage positive gameplay. If players see/experience bad behavior encourage them to record and report it. Have them avoid/mute/block on their console and report it through Sony/Microsoft if it is against the code of conduct/TOS through that avenue. It will at least get the harassing player off of the server for a period of time and hopefully allow them to cool off from the situation.

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@Ignasi Another Trello board suggestion, although this is the first post I see about it.

Our team is aware of this issue and they’re looking into it.

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Can’t you go the the server administrative tools and enable the whitelist, and then just exclude that player from the list?

What about temporarily kicking everyone above them in the player list until they come into view and then banning them? I’m sure the other players would understand if you explain what happened.

For how long exactly because GPortal has a long standing forum post about the admin dashboard that is from last year, we had tickets to them asking about admin dashboard issues (having toxic players removed) last year and the game is now rounding 1 year old.

Lara, this is a “super glue, duct tape” option. Think of a server like ours which at one point recently when a toxic player was cursing at an admin and threatening had 30+ online. Some are registered on our Discord, some not. It creates a logistical nightmare which should never even be a thing because of the above - it’s an issue that has been noted months after launch. Maybe you have hours to dedicate to admining and messaging many people over griefers. For us - it’s a lot more convenient when we get a message with attached video of camping or chasing players all over the server for hours and then screenshots on discord of cursing to just select ban. That way when Microsoft’s 15 days runs out this person isn’t plopping stupid signage trash all over our server again (has happened). That too takes time to clean up.

Bugs/issues have priority and that’s understandable. Content has to be mixed in with that to keep the game fresh and profitable. Maintaining a server is a way we try to contribute at least a little back. We just ask for a way that we can keep these toxic players breaking the Conan and Microsoft (or Sony) TOS off of our servers. It’s not to force players to farm tribute, build tiny box homes or only live in clans.

Yes, yes it is. In IT we call it a work-around, because it’s not a long-term solution, but something done to get you by until a permanent solution is in-place. In an emergency situation, sometimes you have to resort to such measures, inelegant as they may be.

To try and think outside the box for a workarounds on a platform I don’t even play on? I get that you’re frustrated that a long-standing issue is still not fixed, but I don’t work for Funcom or gPortal and I’m not a modder so I can’t help you there. Please don’t take your [well-justified] frustration out on those who are spending their hours trying to help in what ways they can.

I think I have found a way around this. But do to another possible graphical bug, i cannot tell. I show a ban list on the admin players tab, but each spot is “blank”, other than an option to unban. I would love if Funcom can sign off that they are truly banned. I have not seen the 4 id’s logged in, and no one is reporting them on.
You will have to screen shot or get the exact psn id and save it somewhere.

  1. Stop Server to clear all players.
  2. Restart Server
  3. Have you and another firend or admin log in.
  4. Ban that person since you can see there name.
  5. Stop server.
  6. Go to your G-portal my servers/configurations.
  7. There should now be a .txt file called banned list.
  8. Type the PSN Id just as it is in game. If there are multiple, after each entry, click enter and do the same.
  9. Restart game.
  10. Go to the list in game and un-ban the first one (the admin you used to create the .txt file.
  11. Have admin verify he is un-banned.
  12. If he is, the others should be banned, but you won’t see actual names.

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