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Is there a way while you’re admin or another player to see who has admin rights on a private server? I’m told the server owner doesn’t have admin rights but I saw them teleport straight to base last night on the map and a few other odd things have happened when they are online. Anyway to check? I’m on PS4

Well having my own server I can tell you anyone flying or teleporting has admin rights may not be owner. Admin could potentially be given to everyone on server.

Only two people are admin and it’s not the owner of server. The owner isn’t being reckless by flying around but is there a way in the settings to see who is admin is what I’m asking

Not to my knowledge played on several private server never seen any way to tell. Doesn’t show on mine either. Would like to know my self

On a private server, the owner can share the admin password with anyone they choose. From there, all the recipient has to do is access server settings from the settings menu, press ‘make me admin’ and enter the password.

I do not know if someone who is made accessible to admin can pass that along, but I suspect they can.

The server owner always has admin rights and can change the password at will. While he may forget that password, he can always reset it regardless of the provider.

I do not know of any method to tell who has admin rights under any circumstances, but others would know more since I do not administrate a server.



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u may wanna give a shot to this site:

just enter ur server ip or name (or seek it manually) and u can find the one that is admin there hopefully

I wish there was a sight for PS4 to rank servers etc. Consoles get no love from devs :confused:

Doesn’t even show the server lol

Have no other idea about how else I could help…

Have you made any contact with the site devs? Perhaps they could add or search the server?

If not I personally know no other way that could help u… sry

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