Admin-spawned NPCs (PS4)

For those familiar with admin settings:

First, I am new to admin panel. But I have figured out some basics in terms of spawning items, build supplies, and thralls. I know you can click the “spawn as converted thrall” button to get pretty much any thrall you want as an NPC.

However, my query is about spawning NPCs that you can then put on guard duty (like Fighters & Archers, Bearers, etc.). There is a filter that says you can make them “passive” or “will only attack if attacked first”, etc.

However, I cannot seem to make them passive towards players who are NOT in the same clan. I can get them to guard and not attack me (as their creator). But I can’t get them to be passive towards outsiders. Is there no way to make a village of “non-hostile” NPC’s using admin powers? Am I missing something in the admin spawn panel? Or do server-wide settings take precedent over spawn filters?

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I think that the server settings do take precedent over spawn filters, yes. Maybe try disabling pvp settings?

All this work only for “unconverted” spawned Thralls: will they attack you or just stand and wait to be knocked out. Converted Thralls do not have such behavior switch yet.

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