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I’m still wondering if the option to adjust the health of NPCs spawned through the admin panel is working properly, or if it is user error. So I linked my old question here:

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This next part is more of a suggestion than a question.

First, as some background, I have been creating content on our PvE server for our players to participate in, such as dungeon-like structures (including a Temple and Maze). Once the structure is completed, I add treasure chests and populate it with enemy npcs. Each time a group runs through the content, I have to go back in and manually replace all the npcs (and of course the loot). This can be rather time consuming, particularly so for the Maze as ghost mode doesn’t seem to work on PS4 (can’t phase through walls, which I thought was the purpose…).

What I’d like to see is the ability for admins to place NPC spawn points – should be rather self explanatory. If not, specifically what I’d like to do is place an enemy NPC such as an Heirs of the North Fighter T3 that will respawn after 15-30 minutes in the place I initially set him down at. This would significantly increase the viability of player created content and reduce a sizeable headache for the admins creating such content.


I would suggest adding the mod Pippi.
It lest you add loot spawners and npc spawners with all sorts of settings.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I play on PS4, and we don’t have mods, at least not yet. Looks like a great solution for PC players, but I’d still enjoy this functionality to be added by FunCom to the Admin’s arsenal of fun. :slight_smile:

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Oh sorry to hear that, what a bummer :frowning:
Stuff like this should be a no brainer to add to the base game.

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I moved this over to the suggestion category.

Each time the server resets all of my spawned enemies despawn/disappear. This is quite frustrating, particularly as two unexpected restarts caused me to lose 3-4 hours of work setting up enemy npcs in various rooms.

So, not only am I requesting the ability to create NPC spawn points so that I no longer have to manually place them, I am requesting that the spawned enemies persist through server restarts.

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