[PS4] Admin Panel - Question re: Spawning NPCs

Our PS4-PvE-rented server is working on creating events for our players by building structures and populating them with enemy NPCs. However, I am hoping to make some of the NPCs more difficult by increasing their health pool.

The Admin Panel has three options to modify spawned NPCs: (1) “1 Health,” (2) “100 Health,” and (3) “+++ Health.” I have two theories – The first is that “1 Health” and “100 Health” is supposed to set the NPCs health at 1 or 100, and the “+++ Health” adds 1 health per button push – The second is that “1 Health” and “100 health” adds 1 or 100 Health per button push, and the “+++ Health” is supposed to let you enter a value.

However, I cannot seem to get any spawned NPC’s health to increase, either prior to or after spawning that NPC… Does anyone know how to get it to work? The Admin Panel’s user interface for PS4 is rather difficult to work with-- and I am likely just doing it wrong; but, it could just be broke on PS4.

TL:DR – how do you increase spawned NPC Health via the Admin Panel for PS4??

And, I would suggest that the admin panel in PS4 needs some serious love from FunCom to make it more user friendly.

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