AFK Building Destruction?


My first survival game was Ark. (Conan Exiles is my second)
I played Ark during Alpha, and they added the ability to destroy an entire Player’s Base (even on PVE) if the Player (or anyone in the Tribe) hadn’t logged in for 7 days (it might have been 14 days, I can’t remember). To stop the timer, all you had to do was login, even if you were only logged in for a minute.

Is there something similar in this game?
I feel like they’re just adding servers upon servers and eventually it’s just going to be a server filled with hundreds of abandoned buildings.
OR someone gets purged and loses, and gives up the game, leaving this abandoned base on prized real estate.

Is this possibly something that might be added in the future?
Or are they just going to keep adding servers until they have 1000 abandoned servers?


There’s a decay mechanic in the game. Maximum timer is 146h if I remember correctly, after which buildings are destroyed unless owners play near them.

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Sounds ok, but I’d say make it 30 days for people with careers, kids, etc.

That’d be too much imo, current is 6 days, a good balance. Heck, if nobody of your clan comes to hang on the server for an hour every 6 days, it should decay.

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Ahh I’m glad they have a Decay Mechanic. That’s good to know, thanks everyone!

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