"Afraid of the Dark" achievement

I had time to keep resetting the “Into Darkness” mission to try for this achievement today, and managed to complete it. Here are my findings…

  • If you make a mistake, you can reset the achievement status by leaving the instance (by walking out, or logging out).
  • Keypads must be within the light radius of a flare to open closed gates. Be careful when throwing the flare to not hit nearby enemies, as hitting enemies will aggro them.
  • Enemies standing in front of closed gates can be snuck past if you’re not within the light radius of a flare.
  • The first boss can be bypassed by running straight to the objective on the bottom floor.
  • After the mission objective updates on the bottom floor, four enemies will spawn and automatically aggro you. You’ll need to run all the way back up to the top floor, with the first boss and other enemies in tow. Use a flare to stun enemies when you need to activate a keypad to open a closed gate. Having healing abilities slotted will be very helpful. (I don’t know if there’s a more elegant strategy for this part.)
  • Once you’ve returned to the top floor, you’ll get stunned by a flashbang grenade. All other enemies will de-aggro at this point, and you’ll be able to fight the final boss one-on-one.
  • The achievement will be complete once you defeat the final boss, so you can safely theoretically go back for legends afterwards.

I’m not sure walking past ten shades with ~300 million HP counts as “safe”! The second lore can be obtained without doing that, but the first lore needs to be obtained on the way up, unless you want to be juggled by unkillable monsters!

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Or put on a sustain tank build run to bottom then run to top while cycling cool downs once at top adds leave you. (There might be one that stays on you if it was picked up on the floor below).
Kill last boss while continuing to cycle cds if needed.

I did this on E10 which was probably a big mistake as it took me 10+ minutes to kill the final boss but if I’m not mistaken it can be completed at any level.

Can be done on any difficulty. Got this one on the lowest difficulty tier (because of the falling asleep while trying the mission on E10 cos damn son…them bullet sponges)

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Hmm, I actually grabbed the legends on my way up while tanking the enemies, so I never noticed the shades have that much health. I’ve edited my original post.

Heee. I think it is possible to get back down to that lore, its just really frustrating to get past the supershades :smiley:

This doesn’t always happen, I’ve had one of the filth zombies join the fight against the agent and I’ve had the shades pull me back down the ramp while I was stunned. The latter was especially fun since I respawned on the bottom level and had to equip juggernaut to get past the super shades to the top floor. I then didn’t have a damage ult so the boss fight took literally weeks. Literally. I’m still doing it as I type these words, honest. :v:


No needs of switching to sustain tanking, healing abilities or anything if you do/have quickness and/or Alacrity. If you have both of those, you can just outrun everything (this is what i do now every time for speedrunning purposes). If you can’t keep up with the 4 bottom filthy dudes chasing you, use the flare when they’re about to reach you near the gate switch so you can stun them and light up the switch at the same time. Then just trigger the switch, and upon gate opening, continue running, and use flares each time adds get close to you. Can use a potion if you get hit here and there in an emergency situation.

I don’t have a more elegant strategy either, this seems to be the way to do it quickly. I run a chaos build with all those fun knockdowns in it, but I find that I can just jog all the way back up and only need to drop the flares occasionall to keep the shades from ganging up. So I don’t think a serious defensive build is needed for this either, like you said.

It is a lot of fun to jump down and mosh with those guys for a little bit though!

I not sure if i’m doing something wrong, but i can’t get this to work.
I kill nobody and run back up to end up with the end boss and another shade that followed me upwards. I hit only the end boss and the achievment icon is still there - until i kill the boss. Then it just disappears. No achievment. What am i missing?

You mentioned a shade also followed up, if the shade dies before the boss then as soon as boss dies achievement fails. Cause the shade died first.

They were pretty clear about only hitting the boss lol.

Maybe it fails the achievement if the boss dies but you’re still in combat, with the assumption that you’re then going to kill whatever is left?

You must be killing something else on the way down or up. The achievement icon disappears the moment you kill the second enemy. So if it disappears once you kill the boss, it means you killed something before. The first boss (filth beast) also counts as a kill so you need to skip that.

If you’re 100% certain you’re not killing anything except the final boss, then it’s bugged. The achievement condition is clear and if it’s not working as it says, then file a bug report and/or petition.

Thanks for your answers.
Thats what i thought at first - killed one by accident. But i reproduced it twice now - not using anything besides flare gun to open the gates and slow the followers. First weapon usage on the end boss. The last shade was still attacking me when i completed the mission by returning to NY.
I think i remember someone saying on discord that he managed to get the achievement that way…
Well i’ll try once again and then file a petition.

I got it by just running. I had five filthy humans beating on me while I killed the boss (and regretting my aoe basic), and killed them afterwards. Achievement popped the moment the boss died.

One of the filthy humans had around 50% hp due to flare gun. That was with 1k+ IP, doing e3.

Tip for lower-IP players who need a more survival/healing focused build to survive the adds after reaching the bottom of the carpark.

You can in fact use a healing build when going up towards the top, because one of the vans in the boss arena can be used to LOS the boss, and after 15-20 seconds or so of the boss being unable to attack you, you’ll leave combat mode and be able to switch to a new build in your build manager.