"The Purge" Achievement

So there is an achievement called “The Purge” which asks you to clear all hostile nightlife before killing the boss that appears during “Things That Go Bump In The Night”. I spend about 2 hours trying to get this achievement, but between respawning mobs, no clear way to track your progress, and flying mobs that can’t be targeted, I think it is fairly safe to say that this achievement is a bit unreasonable. Has anyone managed to get it so far?

Yes, several people. The flying, untargetable mobs don’t count towards it and nothing else respawns apart from the 14 hyenas needed for the 12 kill area mission (SW portion of the map) and a lonely mob in the NE corner zone of the map. The trick is to clean all of the map, clear the 14 hyenas and then run fast to the single hyena mob.
If you’re fast enough, you’ll get the achievement and a brand new Agent.


It is soloable simply. There is one group of hyenas raspawning near gate and one blue on opposite side near your hut. Kill everything else, then blue and then group and it is yours.


I guess I screwed up at the “clear the 14 hyenas and then run fast to the single hyena mob” part then. Guess I’ll give it another shot in a few days. :tired_face::sleepy:

Or do it like elsunga said, as the 14 hyenas have a faster respawn rate than the lonely mob.

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Yes, lot of people? And it’s not easy and quick to find ‘everyone else’ so it’s better first to go thoroughly through other parts of village and then get back to place where respawnable mobs are to check if you get it. If no - get back and look for lost mobs. Watch for birds that can fly and land back, watch for lonely hyenas and do not skip areas. You need less than hour for this.

In a game that has “stealth” achievements tied to wonky jump’n’run mechanics (possibly broken by consistent freezes, to boot), no, no it is not.

Methodically clear the map, when you think you got everything, kill the respawning yellow hyenas, if achievement doesn’t pop, go and actually methodically clear the map.

Took me about 45 mins, but definitely could be done faster if the first attempt at methodically clearing the map is actually methodical enough.

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I have a question about this. If you are trying it, will the achievement pop ‘before’ you kill that last mob, or will you not know if it worked until you kill that as well? Meaning, can you just keep trying in the one instance until you get it before finishing the quest?

Yeah, you get the achieve the instant the last critter dies. So as long as you don’t have the achievement, something is alive on the map.

It’s useful to chase the big red one into the wall before going back to clear the map, because she spawns some hyenas while following her.


So up to the point where you need to get the 3 pieces of whatever to cover the wall?

Just to be certain, get the wood but don’t use it. There’s a critter there too!

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Oh, so he counts too. Okay, got it, and thank you!

For those of you still struggling with this one, here’s what I did. I was solo, item level ~600.

  1. Progress “Things That Go Bump In the Night” until you are told to board up the wall (DON’T COMPLETE THIS STEP YET)

  2. Kill all the critters on the map. I tend to run around each quadrant of the map, and tackle the huts in the south west quadrant in between passes. They seem to spawn more quickly.

  3. You’ll know you’ve done it once you get the achievement.

It’s very doable solo, you just have to mind the respawns.


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Actually, you can complete the step. Just run away from the fight if you do, rather than actually engaging.

It’s doable, though annoying, solo. That said, it goes much faster with a group, and your other group members don’t even have to have the mission to help.

If it’s taking you a while, just ask people to join. This is an mm… Shared world rpg after all. Plus the content is new enough that there are plenty of people in the ND play field, and people still looking to get the achievement.


It isn’t difficult just requires being thorough. I killed all the named ones as well, just in case. Honestly though I don’t remember killing the golem under the plywood, but may have. I know I chased the mother into the tunnel and then killed everything, so maybe I did :thinking:

It would be easier in a group that’s true, and if you’re working on the kill count that would speed it up as long as you’re in close enough proximity to all get the kill.

** I am glad there are agents from achievements, not just RNG. So yeah for that!

I did it solo and it took me around an hour and a half to complete it.

The respawn rate isn’t super fast. So, you don’t really have to run like crazy between the two respawn areas and there is some time leeway.

I actually was not even aware about the second respawning blue mob near the hut. I must have randomly killed it, then randomly wandered to the main respawn zone and killed those. I then randomly went to the corn field and discovered I’d missed those mobs in my previous wanderings. I killed them & got the achievement.

I agree that it’s very annoying. Some way of tracking progress, like with the scarab killing achievement would help a lot.

You do need the side mission “Don’t Look Up” to be available to complete this. First time I had it on CD since I did it during Wrath of the Dawn and couldn’t do it when running Bump in the night that day.

You can kill the “Don’t look up” boss with an AR without having the side mission.

You do not need to kill the water golem hidden underneath the plywood to complete this achievement.

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