Some Purge Questions

So I’ve looked at the questions going back almost a year so I have a few we questions as even though I have played 650 hours and my current single player game is at 153 hours I have never had a purge.

So in past games I got really close to the purge limit without actually being even close to being ready but the purge was broken so I never saw it. This time in I set the purge meter high so I’d have time to actually build and prepare a defence. I’m 153 hours and I’m only at 2/3 of the meter filled though (as I made a clan thinking it was needed) So question 1) can I lower it in the admin panel without resetting the meter? It reset when I made a clan rather than being solo (as I had read it won’t trigger as a solo player, then read it will) So do I just have to wait it out now? I think I set it so I had to do 3x as much before a purge would trigger.

Last I just want to confirm… a level 4 purge isn’t going to have legendary creatures? I’m good with most everything but I do not have my thralls armed for a legendary fight… heck I’m not armed for a legendary fight (I’m one level 50… ya 153 hours building on vanilla gather settings with broken XP I’m only level 50 I like building much more than combat) I’m pretty sure I’ve limited the purge to level 4.

If I can lower the threshold without resetting and be sure that at least for now I’m not going to see a legendary creature I am happy

The area I am I think, Spiders, Hyena, Darfari, and Exiles are the most likely purges that spawn. Which is why I’m concerned about a Giant Spider if I actually take it to the last wave.

I believe there was a video on Youtube about a spider purge as the legendary creature was a Demon Spider. Hyena`s on the other hand will get support from werehyena’s.

yes but as I understand it (if what I have read is right… because honestly so much is constantly changed that I never know what is accurate) Legendary bosses come in later purges. Level 5 (Giant Spider) Level 6 (Demon Spider) I don’t know if that has ever been accurate or is still accurate if it was at some point.

Well I do have a single player game as I could check up for you just in case with a small outpost kind of base.

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That would be awesome. I have the purge limited to 4 and I’m build in a area that should be limited to 4 anyway (the desert)


It’s no longer a requirement. I’ve removed the wiki note.

Yes? There will be more fixes coming though, it might still be broken for you. Keep an eye on the TestLive patch notes:

There isn’t many purges with legendary creatures. I don’t see any.

You could always check for yourself:

Yes I did check that site. Though I didn’t want to build based on the map so I only recently look when I started thinking about just how much defence I needed. As with all things Conan though how accurate it is I have no idea.

Yes to this one. When you move the meter threshold, if you were to take a before and after of where your meter is at now, you would notice your white meter jump up based on a lower threshold (or move back on a higher threshold).

I dug into the dev kit for this one

1) Spiders:

  • At difficulty threshold 4, the highest wave you will reach is 5/6.

  • On Wave 5, the boss is Boss_SpiderGiant (I’m really bad with what is what here, I guess Giant Spider?). If you had bumped it up to difficulty 6, then it would have been the Boss_SpiderGiantSkull

2) Hyena:

  • At difficulty threshold 4, the highest wave you will reach is 5/6.

  • The boss is the same regardless if its difficulty 4 versus 6, Dogs_Warrior_Beastlord (or if the Purge spawned in your base, then Wildlife_Werehyena_Striped)

3) Darfari:

  • At difficulty threshold 4, the highest wave you will reach is 9/9, Darfari caps out at Difficulty 4.

  • Boss here is various Exile Tier 4 Thralls (In base, its various Skeleton Fighters and Archers)

4. Exiles:

  • At difficulty threshold 4, the highest wave you will reach is 9/9, Exile caps out at Difficulty 4.

  • Boss here is various Exile Tier 4 Thralls (In base, its various Skeleton Fighters and Archers)

The Purge map that is on the wiki is based on parsed data from the same data table I’m looking at. Each Purge is given an X, Y coordinate for it’s maximum range of where it can spawn (Note: Spawn, they can spawn within their boundary and invade your base outside their boundary, but you have to be really near the edge for something like that to occur). So in terms of accuracy, the map is about as accurate as you will find in that regard (meaning, I would be comfortable to say that it’s reliable). The wiki team is also prepared for the up coming changes that are on testlive now where new types of Purge waves are coming.

Additional Notes:

  • Pending Purge changes, I would go ahead and assume that all of the above is subject to change. The data table I am able to access is from what is on live now. With so many changes coming for the Purge, it could be some or many of this will potentially change.

  • Currently, the Purge was originally designed to be more “random” in how many waves you received. So while there are 9 waves of Exiles, you may only get 3 (as in it will start at wave 7 instead of Wave 1). That’s changing in the next patch so that you will get all waves, based on difficulty of the server.

This is where I was concerned and why I asked about the accuracy. My base and structures are just outside of the Spider range but the area a purge may spawn isn’t. I’m literally on the edge. I’m also in a point of… I’m fairly certain I’m not in a spot that will spawn and on base purge (according to the wiki) but I never know.

I see the location I built as a perfect location to level to 60 at. It has loads of resources all around. You can build with out destroying very much (some rocks a few bushes 2 small trees and some sticks) all the Iron, Coal and animals are left impacted. It is on a mesa but has three ways up naturally and Hyena and Rocknose both occasionally wander up. It is attached. I’ve built it with all the rules to avoid the harder purge form that spawns closer or in your base.

But as the leveling bug hits someone like me that is mostly building and not killing a whole lot I got so few levels. I think I spent about something like 80 hours between level 38 and 47. I started levelling fast once I started building the Map Room and wanted to get max my Ymir alter out. 500 kills for the Alter and I don’t know how many Demons and Dragons I took out for the Map Room. I literally went from 47 to 50 in about 8 hours of the game being loaded (which include me just leaving it running to let thralls finish)

So I really want to test this location out but I want to do it in an optimal way. So I’m being a bit paranoid. I research hard I’ve read the sites and read the data from the Wiki but I also know never to trust anything…

Of course at this rate the new patch will come out before I get a purge and then who knows what the new rules will be lol.

I research heavy the place I chose to build should be the perfect base location. It is on a mesa but has access to the ground in three places. Allowing a Purge to have a path to the base (Though It occurs to me I have to adjust one spot to ensure it is accessible.) to avoid it spawning in the wrong place. I have everything connected to foundations so spawns happen outside the walls. There is long flat normal ground in front and the walls are even brought down to the “main” ground just in case (though non of the foundations should actually be supporting anything above them as I build top down.) And Building where I am doesn’t kill any resources that I can see (minus some rocks sticks and 2 trees)

So I just really really want to be sure I get a decent purge to test in an optimal way. I have spent 153 hours playing to get this build as I was leveling so slow.

This is Single Player right? Might be cheating grounds here, but you could backup your save, then change the threshold to something small so that it triggers a Purge faster (which in itself is buggy on live, your meter will be full but it won’t necessarily trigger. It’s much better on testlive from what I’ve heard so far). Then after the Purge is over, revert to the previous save.

There are admin commands to force the Purge to start, but they aren’t working on live or testlive (yet). It’s being worked on, though for now the threshold trick works decently enough.

But all in all, especially in the lower regions of the desert, higher tier defenses will generally win out. Darfari and Exiles are no match for a tier 3 wall defense. So even if you stay there and the Purge X,Y values get tweaked so that a few harder things reach your spot (or the new purge events overlap where you are at now), my guess is you’ll still be pretty safe considering you are at difficulty 4 and are in the desert. You could always bump down the difficulty too temporarily.

The one worry I have for you is the in-base spawns. Based on your description it sounds like you’ll be alright though.I believe that the Purge updates will further improve on attack location, but not sure yet without seeing all the updates go through and testing results start coming in. All in all, there’s a lot of “wait and see” stuff to consider (mostly because of the up coming patch), but I think you’ll be alright.

I’ve thought of doing that. I’ve backed up saves before but I usually only do that when I’m testing a bug or preparing for a patch.

I don’t mind waiting. The XP bug means I only just unlocked the Large Wheel of Pain. So I can now set up to capture more thralls and hunt some Rhinos (which are way easier than I remember) As the Giant Spider may be possible I’ll work on some tier three things and maybe try an experimental idea to slow down the first few waves.

So I downloaded testlive and copied my single player game over (to see if certain issues had been fixed) it defaulted my Purge meter… and it is full on maxed so that answers one of the questions for sure.

Good luck! Please feel free to report your findings and thoughts. It’s important to get good quality feedback on the Purge right now since it’s going through some pretty significant changes.

actually the test live experience was frightening. The AI is now the dumbest I’ve ever seen it all my archers left their nice positions with a perfect angle to hit things and went to the top of the gate where only 2 could actually get to the edge and the rest just stood around.

Previously when things got in range the stayed in shooting range. Now they run around like crazy. I’ll have to totally redesign the wall if this is the AI that is going live. I haven’t had a purge in playing but I kited one of the new hyena (I say kited I ran back after getting brutalized by it and several normal ones chased me) back to my base… none of the fighters would go through the gates, (that were open) and the Archers took 3 minutes to kill a few hyena that 2 arrows will kill and a 3/4 dead “elite” hyena had to literally be kited away from the walls as they weren’t even hitting it and I had to finally just kill it my self as the AI just got totally confused with the concept of shooting a thing they have a clean shot at…

I wish they would stop trying to “Improve” the AI

If you want archers to stay in place, no matter where the threat may be, build a fence around them. Yes, build a fence on all four sides on top of your wall so they can’t leave their post.

Even with the setbacks as the devs work on the AI improvements, I hope they continue until it really is improved. The AI needs attention. So a few setbacks on issues are to be expected and only help reveal what still needs to be done. Keep sending in reports so the issues can be worked out.

that is what I actually ended up doing. It is weird in Live they stay and fire. In Testlive went nuts so I just build a fence around them. If need be at the gate I can build walls out to face each other and fence them into each side. Would actually work better funnel the enemy in and could make a decent kill box.

Thankfully without a purge triggering the issue with Mob multiplication worked in my favour shot one dafari where there should only be one… and I suddenly had 8 fighters and 4 archers walk out of the one person. Never seen it that bad. But kited them up the hill and the got good and slaughtered.

Thanks for the suggestion if I hadn’t thought of it it would actually have been a good help.

Though with the default on test live the purge is supposed to happen between 6 and and up to 24 a day. You’d think that 30 minutes after 6 you’d have at least the notification lol

You came in with a full Purge bar and it hasn’t triggered still after 30 minutes? Well that’s probably good info to have for the developers.

Once the admin fixes are in this will be a lot easier to test, but let’s see let me think…maybe bump up your threshold a bit so your bar is just under the first black line, let it cross over the barrier again. Set your tick raiting to 1 also to help the meter go up quicker too.

30 I’m at 2.5 hours now… no purge. On test live. I tossed a bug thread into the testlive sub forum. I may play around tomorrow. I think I’m going to call it tonight. I mean I’ve wasted 3 hours and another hour or so previously today actually messing around in a test game that isn’t my main game. So I kinda want to go play my real game for a bit lol.

Ya totally, go for it. Thanks for spending some time in testlive.

I played around with it too and made the ugliest base of all time but did eventually get the Purge to trigger. Was a bit of a pain, so I need to spend some more times retracing steps I took. I’ll post my findings later about it.

I may just make a new Testlive game specifically to test the purge… or adjust the server settings a bit. I left them default as I was maxed way far. My Live SP game threshold is at like 124,500 and it is about 66-70% full. So adjusting it up might be a help lol