Purge named npc's are not obtainable on official servers and servers with purge difficulty on 6

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

Currently, on official servers, there is only 1 named npc which can be captured from the purge. All the other purge named npc’s are currently 100% unobtainable.

This bug is a result of the purge difficulty setting on official servers.
Putting the difficulty at 6, only 3 areas can spawn humans. (Heirs of the north in the green area, The lost tribe in the brown area, and Voltaries of skelos in the volcano).
All the other areas spawn either scorpions, hyenas, imps, demons, locusts, spiders or grey apes depending on which area you are in.

Sadly, those 3 human clans have bugged named npc spawns.

Heirs of the north does not have named npc’s.
The lost tribe has 1 named npc (Dalinsia Snowhunter, fighter) which will spawn multiple times during this purge.
Voltaries of skelos has no named npc’s.

This was thoroughly tested on a dedicated server.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Run a server with purge difficulty on 6
  2. Visit any area of the map and place some foundations
  3. Spawn the purge with command “FillPlayerClanPurgeMeter” and “StartNextPurgePhase”
  4. No named npc’s other than Dalinsia Snowhunter. Ever.

Weird, on my server, she is the only named NPC spawning at the Mounds of the Dead camp. Wonder if it is something related. Sometimes she is spawned into the game twice at the same time as well. But after days and days of farming, no other named’s.

Dead mounds, New Asgerath, Volcano and Jungle do not spawn the special blacksmith, alchemist, cook, carpenter, etc. purge thrall. This is either bugged or intended.

However Dogs, Blackhand, Exiles, Dafari areas do.

I can confirm the special purge thralls do spawn in those mentioned areas.

Not on difficulty 6.

Dogs of the desert is replaced with spiders
Blackhand is replaced with locusts
Exiles is replaced with imps
Dafari is replaced with hyenas
Lemurian become apes
Relic hunters become scorpions
Undead legion become demons

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Very interesting observations. Kudos. I’m gonna have to play with this on my server.

we just had a cimmerian purge at my neighbours

while there were no named npc at all, it filled us with joy as it was the only witnessed NPC purge on the server

yes, for me also she’s at the mounds, several clones of her. I can chose witch one i want. :rofl:

I think there several thralls generating clones.

And there goes the exitement out the window, the server, official pve have been cooperating all off us to get the best posible builds and defence for captureing this rareity.
We have had some realy cool purges tho. the fealing when everyone able rallies to aid a fellow mate, and most of all hope for a npc. one never shows. the rumor of a npc randomspawn in a purge is the hope, but never the casse, is this a evil rumor spread by satan himself to keep us working for that gole. the rumor that amongst all those giants and locusts etc, a rare spawn hiding amongst the other there is a npc.
I have self a server i am admin on, an old nitrado wich was ark on have served as a testing area, 20-25 hours with pushing adminfilling the purgemeter and forceing next wave, nothing. only a stupid bugg figther at starting area, duneman something. and alla those npc spawns without a named in volcano, move a litle around base location there and you geth the black keep boss spawning. wanted to try again with other dificulties just to get one, but no energy and longing for doing some value back on the official i havent been there, never seen a npc artisan from purge, in adminlis over npcs i have tryed them and figured the things you get from them, they all have the same items extra, most i vant the legendary repairkit and even more the white dye since now the black can be obtaiend via loot.
What is left to play the game for now is building and that has come to an holt with posible new rare builds. i am tired. last dificulty is obtained, werk of the lost tribe is 2 off on the server, 3 days killing 288 placeholders, then i got one.


Wait, why is this not fixed still?

Whats your purge settings?
Purge just stop working on my server…

I got a dogs of desert purge on official. Itt bugged i side the mountain on a cliff. And it was over before it realy started, but that peeked my interest so i went solo and forced many purges around that area. And hey. Packs of diferent tralls spawning. Need someone with a rented server and settings ■■■ official do a admin check if tils is the case and then do what ya can to get your purge in that are, the area is from the end of river towards the den where the boss croc is. From there and down river on bothe sides you get all the purge nameds types to spawn. Just try star and if someting else than tribe is in the warning you are off and need to try sowhere else. Tryed many purges and this area was only place with npc on purgelvl6 would spawn

I’s up in the cliff or down in the river?
You can post a image of the place?

Well there are zones. Essentially the level 6 means that if you live in the north or a more upper level area the purges will increase in difficulty and mob type.

If you are trying to get the alchemist and blacksmith and armorer purge thralls which are the only ones you need from them you just have to build a base down in the level 2 zones. So that is pretty much just north of the noob river.

Inside the black circle is where you should try and make a purge base to get the t2 purge to spawn.

You are not 100% guaranteed to have a human purge in those areas but those are the areas in which they can spawn.

I try force purge in singleplayer several times, at level 6, close to Sepermo, The Dem, Black Galeon and Summoning Place, every time spawn cetain tipe of mobs. Online when i lower dificuty to level 3, i can spawn NPCs in this areas.

I want try the area that Noilly say to see if this work.

It’s a random percentage. Cause you have to think a t2 purge won’t even hurt your top tier base. I dunno, official servers have level 6 purges and while it hasn’t happened in a while due to some issues it did spawn in when I first started playing on the server and we got Dafari.

And then the next one we got was apes.

Here is from one testing session, test the ?, in a tiny area where 3? and one on the otherside of water is dafari spawn
found an area with forgoten tribe with no nameds in the waves west of kings nishe where only rhinos and grass lives, i read a post somoen cuoting dev on purges that they vary in level depending on the resaurces in the area, so a lvl6 would be lowerd enough mabe in resaurce empty areas

further testing to force purge to where i wanto, gives 1 foundation = 1 base spread them out and no tuching eashother, so i made many basesimage and have 4-5 clans do the sameimage image and this is the dafari area

4clans have base there

and while you roam tha area because the other clans aint online from 6-22

im uppgradig my croco trap i had since they got lots of hps